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Italy hope pasta will be sauce of World Cup triumph

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ROME, April 22 (AFP)
Italy coach Giovanni Trapattoni hopes that plates of spaghetti could help Italy be crowned world champions for the fourth time when the World Cup gets underway next month.

Trapattoni is lending his support to a campaign to promote two of Italy's most famous exports - pasta and football - and looks back to his spell in charge of Germany's Bayern Munich as an example of the positive effects of pasta on footballers.

"By taking the Mediterranean diet (to Munich) I managed to limit the consumption of beer and wurstel in Germany," said 63-year-old Trapattoni who has contributed to a promotional initiative called 'Made in Italy - the winning diet' by Italy's Ministry of Agriculture.

It is believed that some 175 million people around the world watch an Italian football match on television every weekend - and that a similar number also tuck into a plate of spaghetti every Sunday.

Italy will eat Italian food at their Sendai training base in Japan and by eating spaghetti in the Far East there will be no need for Trapattoni and his men to feel that they are snubbing Asian cuisine.

Legend has it that spaghetti was brought to Italy by 13th century Venetian explorer Marco Polo who had discovered noodles on his travels in Asia.


There is no better food in the world than Pasta :cool: I live on Pasta :D Let's hope the Azzurri get their good dose during June ;)
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It would be cheaper to bring their won chef. Food in Japan is outrageously expensive.
I always find these stories among the funniest around tournament times. Being a non-abashed pasta eater that can eat it up to 5x a week, I find it extremely funny that the ragazzi know how important food can be to moods, and, hence, play. There's nothing worse than a bad meal. There's very few things in life better than a well-made plate of pasta, cooked nice and hard, with the proper sauce, maybe a ragu or even a marinara. The cheese of your choice for the top is an essential ingredient.
Hey, hey, HEY!!! People are TRYING NOT TO EAT, here Primo! Even though youre nick even suggests food. :wallbang:
Italia: Wurst means sausage in German.

I remember one article about Ancelotti (I think) where he went on about how the dietist at Milan used to tell him that prosciutto (ham), cheese AND cream in a pasta dish was 100% no no. One can combine two, but never three, as it's a heart attack coming, not to mention a fitness killer ;).

Evidently; Carlo forgot about that after finishing his active carrier :D .

The most typical Padovan dish is tortellini filled with cheese with milk cream and prosciutto toping... and its fantastic. If Del Piero and Toldo can play after eating that, anyone can. :cool:
I always eat a nice plate of pasta 3 hours before I play soccer; the complex carbs in it give you great energy !!!!!!

Not to mention how good it tastes !!!!:D :D :D :D
The wifey made cavatelli w/ a basic ragu last night. I ate two plates. :heart: :excited: :party:
So- this is the gourmet tread hah :) ? Btw. sounds rather smashing AMO. I bit gross perhaps, but smashing just the same ;).

Italian food is just simply so brilliant. Simplistic to the point of decadence. Since we're all fans- I have an idea then.

Design a really good meal, or better yet a meal you've once prepared and served.

For me (and pardon me for possibly having screwed up some basic Italian "rules"- Aquila has been on my case for eating pizza at more or less every our of the day and drinking cappuchino after midday ;))- I served this when I had the third date with my ex-girlfriend.

"Primo pasta": A few good slices of bressaola on the bottom of a plate, loosely cover them with ruccola salad (rocket salad in some clueless places :D ), sprinkle over some good olive oil, and fresh parmesan. Served with a bread basket, in my case sfilatino.

Pasta: Tagliatelle al dente with fungi/cream sauce. Put a selection of lightly salted mushrooms on the pan, fry them on low heat in butter until the juices have been extracted, add the juices to cream in a sauce pot, use pepper and salt to your liking, perhaps a bit of muscat, and pour the finished sauce over the cooked tagliatelle. Dress with the mushrooms.

Main course: Veal medallion I was rather lazy here, and simply used the fungisauce for this one as well, as mushrooms go with veal so well. Put the medaillons on the oven grill for a few minutes, serv it with the sauce, and dress with a few green vegestables to please the eye.

Red wine: Barolo from Piemont of course :D .

There was no way we could eat desert after this, so after a drawn out dinner we had an espresso and some almond cookies. I think they're called biscotti.

So- in the name of pretentiousness- beat that :howler: . It works on a number of levels ;), so I can thorougly recommend it.

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A few months back in an English paper (probably a load of rubbish), Parmalat Parma's sponsor, and who provide the national team there milk and cheese products have been banned from going to Korea and Japan as they may have different supplements in their food.
God you guys are making hungry, I'm out of here!
Pasta is great. But, I also love a nice wood oven baked pizza with nice crispy prosciutto on top! Damn....
Geez, I'm gonna have to sit on that Glen for about 24 hours. That meal, that description, was splendid. And to think I just had a ham and swiss sandwich. :depress:
Mmmmmmm, Glen, not bad! You're ready to come to Italy and live the Italian way, although you already showed to be a real Italian at that hotel in Rome! The poor receptionist is still wondering who is that devilish guy who managed to have the price of the room halved! Anyway, talking about football and food, this is my dream foodball (aye, foodball) day during the World Cup.

Morning: breakfast is not that big matter in Italy, so I rather would go for a glass of milk with a "cornetto" (a croissant). Then I'd miss the morning game because I go to the beach, which is 3 kms from my city (and mates, we are talking about the warm and clean waters of the Med Sea here!).

Noon: back home, preparing pasta and waiting for Italy's game to be played at 12,30 (if I remember well). Let me see... what about a dish of tortellini with parmigiano cheese inside and with mushrooms sauce on? Then some grilled fish with a lot of salad around, then another big piece of parmigiano (I love that cheese) and a good slice of water melon. And finally a good cup of my beloved espresso coffee!

Afternoon: beach again! Mood depending on Italy's result, but I guess a good bathe is what I need anyway!

Evening: probably watching a re-run on TV of morning's games, and preparing dinner. What about a veal medaillon with some origano on it and a tomatoes salad? Then a great dose of Italian ice cream, the best ice cream in the World!

Night: ;)

And talking about wines, you are spoilt for choice in Italy. But Brachetto and Lambrusco are my favourite.

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You're on Aquila ;).

We shold open up a place together :D.

I think much of the World Cup period will be the same for us then.
Possibly somewhat less oraganized with regards to dinner times for me (;)), and the water at Bellevue (beach) isn't all that blue to be honest. On the other hand there's alot of frivoulous girls with breast implants.... :D .

NB: Tomato salad is indeed splendid, but as I'm a sucker for garlic, I admit to prefer the dominant Spanish version of it. Will that be a problem at the resteaurant Dino ;) ?

Over here, the first game time takes place at 9 a.m., so the routine usually involves breakfast and the Sunday paper. Waking up w/ a good cappycino and a sour cream muffin with roasted nuts is what I prefer.
You have to understand the pleasure of waking up to Serie A. Sometimes, when a really important match lingers, I toss in my sleep. I guess World Cup over here is going to be 5 a.m. :eek:
That's a little too early, even for food. The other option, of course, is to party on thru the night and let it culminate with a great Azzuri win. That's dangerous tho, because you could pass out and miss the match. I don't even consider taping them. Have to see it live. ONE MONTH TILL THE WORLD CUP :cool:
Sour cream muffin.... SOUR CREAM MUFFIN!!!!!!!!!!

Guess it has to be tried, but it sounds absolutely gross to me Primo :). No amount of roasted nuts will change that, and quite frankly... I think the inventor of such an un-Godly "treat" should have HIS nuts roasted :).

C'mon Glen, would you have us to believe that in June you Danish are actually able to go to the beach and havee bathes? Isn't the Baltic Sea still frozen then? :)

And in some ways I envy you for the frivolous girls with breats implant. Down here we seem to have frivolous breasts with girls implants! :)

Oh, but if it can improve the tomatoes salad, down here we make it with slight slices of onions and dress it with some vinaigre!

Oh, and Primo, what would happen to you if yyou dare celebrate Azzzurri's win at 7 o'clock in the morning with a noisy car horn concert? :)

Yea, or some loud Carlos Santana or Wu Tang Clan......ringing thru the neighborhood......"Top O' the Morning to you all......."
We're now in the World Cup preparation stages.......lemonade is a must for each match (a tradition), chocolate chip cookies, a huge Italian flag (we're keeping it inside this year), a taste of the chronic and plenty of air conditioners/fans to cool the anxiety.
For the post-game celebratory pannini - roasted peppers, hard provolone, salami/soprosata and a fine balsamic V., all on a crusted roll. Don't have to work? Throw it back with a few Heinekins, come back to Xtratime and talk smack about the game while IRON FLAG BROTHERS cranks in the background.
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