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I think of this game like the Tyson/Lewis Fight.

The ref was biased in that match as well, but the outcome was different. Lewis, like Italy, was superior to his opponent but he managed to win. In the fight the ref did everything he could to punish Lewis. He gave Tsony an illegitimate standing 8 count and took points off for marginal holding. The ref was instructed to everything he could to throw the fight in Tyson's favor. But, he couldn't because Lewis fought a perfect fight and didn't give the ref a good enough reason to disqualify him.

Italy was also put in that unfortunate situation, but they were still ultimately responsible for their loss. The refs could only screw them by giving all the marginal calls in Korea's favor. Trap should have recognized this and realized that sitting on a one goal lead wouldn't do it. But he did anyways!!!! The players were guilty too, because couldn't finish the many great chances they had to win. Phuck, Vieri should have had a phuckin hat - trick. Threfore, poor decision making and poor finishing were the reasons for this.

Fire Trap; he's past his coaching prime and will only get even more senile in Euro2004.

Hire Capello!!!!

Why did FIFA screw Italy:

Internal FIFA politics involving Blatter
No Baggio call up

Those were the only reasons I could think of, but there are probably more
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