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Italians commming...

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Check out Laziomainas news... Craig is doing something right;) Bring in these Udinese guys in great news!!! :D

This could be really good for us... wery important actually!!! Makes me glad!!! :) :) :)
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He is the man (Crag and co) After Crespo, then Fiore (he is my favourite :) and Giannichedda.

Great news!! Grazie Cragnotti :)
Yes, Fiore is my favourite one too :)
yeah......but still have to wait for one season more;)
Fiore? He wasn't already been bought by roma?:)
I didn't believe when I saw it! I can't believe we get those 2 before Juve and Milan.No matter they will come next year, they will still rule.We all now who is Fiore, the most creative Italian midfielder.And Giannichedda will take over from Albertini as an Italy def.mid. in the next WC.
I guess it could mean that soon we are switching to 3-5-2.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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