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Italian younger national teams

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Well I just saw a major shock :eek: Italy U20 8-0 Switzerland U20

Now Italy at this level are good, but I didnt know that good, Switzerland have a good youth system and to win 8-0 is a major shock

With this Italy have won the four nations tournament hich Germany and England were also involved

The scores of the tournament so far are:
Switzerland 0-3 Italy - Calaio x2, Mesto
England 3-5 Italy - Calaio x2, Donadel, Piccolo, Quagliarella
Italy 2-1 Germany - Calaio, Berardi
Germany 3-4 Italy - Pepe, Quadri x2, Ruopolo
Italy 8-0 Switzerland - Altobelli, Breviario, Calaio x2, Pepe x2, Quadri, Vianello

Now that shows how Italy can do when we decide to attack - look at them scores :cool: England still to play but we've already won it
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second qualificatuion phase of the U19 tournament

Italy has a group with Latvia, Georgia and Ireland

The first game v Latvia fnished 4-1 for Italy U21

1-0 Italy - Perico (atalanta)
1-1 Latvia - Visnacovs
2-1 Italy - Pazzini (Atalanta)
3-1 Italy - Della Rocca (bologna)
4-1 Italy - Aquilani (roma)

Atalanta producing all our players again :D
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calaio is a real stud it appears....any infoon him guys

my name for enxt year...this kid will make headlines next year.
Al the players from U20 and U19 can become stars - I have heard good things on all of them. I think both are better than our current U21 team, mainly because Cassano is never in it :rolleyes:

The European Championships, in Portugal from May 7th to the 17th, are under way for the Under 17 team coached by Antonio Rocca. The coach and twenty players (who will be cut down to 18 for the official list) are in training at the Sports Centre La Borghesiana and Monday, May 5th, they will leave for Portugal where they will play their first match on may 7th against Spain. The second match will be played on Friday, May 9th against England and the third match on Sunday, May 11th, against Israel.
England, Spain and Israel are the opponents of the Under 17 team in group B: in the other group, Portugal, Denmark, Austria and Hungary will play. The two teams that will advance to the finals will qualify for the FIFA Under 17 World Cup that will be held in Finland form August 13th to the 30th, 2003.
The Under 17 team coached by Antonio Rocca qualified for the final phase of the European Championships by winning 3-0 against Belgium, drawing 1-1 against Germany and winning 2-0 against Azerbaijan.

Here is the list of players called for Portugal:
Goalkeepers: Bindi (Arezzo), Virgili (Parma);
Defenders: Andreoli (Padova), Bagarollo (Padova), Marzoratti (Milan), Vitale (Pescara), Motta (Atalanta), Criscito (Genoa);
Midfielders: Bottone (Torino), Buffa (Parma), Bovo (Venezia), Formichetti (Lazio), Lazzari (Lodigiani), Morosini (Atalanta), Stucchi (Atalanta);
Forwards: Paolucci (Juventus), Pozzi (Cesena), Lupoli (Parma), Rossi (Parma), Morsia (Parma).

Watch out for:

They are who ive heard are good, but I will be watching this tournament and will report ratings back to you
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Nice work bro. Also can you watch out for some good defenders? I'm psyched that we're attacking and all, but it'd be nice to see a few more Nestas down in the system comin' up....:eek:
Im not your bro :tongue:

New defenders:

U20 defence

Cesare Bovo (Roma own him I think at Lecce)
Luca Franchini (Inter Primavera)
Daniele Gastaldello (Juve Primavera)
Felice Piccolo (Lucchese - owned by Juve I think)

U19 defence

Ferronetti (Roma primavera)
Mantovani (Torino Primavera)
Belotti (Atalanta primavera)
Chiellini (Livorno - I think owned by Juve or some big team)

U17 defence

Motta (Atalanta)
Marzoratti (Milan)
Andreoli (Padova)
Cristico (Genoa)

From them defences - Franchini and Gastaldello will likely be loaned out next season and we will see how they do. I think both could be in Serie A next season or hopefully anyway. Bovo may be another loaned out to a serie A club as hes been on loan in Serie B for 2 seasons now.

I heard them 3 are really impressive defenders

From the U19's Ive only heard of our very own Ferronetti and Ive heard he is very good, the U19 defence in general is pretty good so I guess they are

From the U17 Marzoratti is the next Nesta from what I hear. A Milan 16 year old who is a very cool defender. Motta is also supposedly a good right back in the making.
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Deanfio said:

From the U17 Marzoratti is the next Nesta from what I hear. A Milan 16 year old who is a very cool defender. Motta is also supposedly a good right back in the making.
or the next paolo.
Lav said:
or the next paolo.
Im very sorry yes the next Paolo - but he isnt a left back like Paolo was when younger and I only mentioned Nesta due to Primo's post having Nesta in it.
well i siad paolo cause he is a milan youth like baresi.

in any case id love it if you could keep me updated on this kid and his progress in this tournament and where u living dean, cause u have lots of info on the young 'uns and i always love eharing but young italians
I live in london, but I have my sources of information :D

I have been a fanatic on trying to find out about youth players for a few years now

I will keep every1 updated from now on with youth tournaments which Italy are involved in.

Especially if I can view them and thanx to British Eurosport I can watch this one.
Which games are eurosport showing Deanfio and when?;)
Wednesday, Friday and Sunday they show all Italy's games I think v England, Spain and Israel, then the rest will come if we go through.
Nice one, looking forward to those:)
Under-17 team guide: Italy
Monday, 28 April 2003

Italy coach Antonio Rocca

Italy are one of the favourites going into the the UEFA European Under-17 Championship after an impressive qualifying campaign. However, they have been drawn in arguably the tougher of the two groups for the finals in Portugal, with Israel, England and Spain sure to offer stiff opposition.

Antonio Rocca is a former Atalanta BC, Foggia Calcio and Varese FC midfield player. During his career he mostly played in Serie B, although he also had two seasons in Serie A with Atalanta in 1976/77 and 1977/78, collecting 53 appearances and scoring three goals. Rocca started working as a coach for the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) in 1989.

Famous names
During his time as coach of the country's youth teams, Rocca has worked with several players who have gone on to make a real name for themselves, such as Juventus FC's Gianluigi Buffon and Marco Di Vaio, AC Milan's Alessandro Nesta and Massimo Ambrosini and AS Roma's Francesco Totti.

Third-time lucky?
Rocca has twice been a runner-up in youth championships - with the Under-18 side in 1995 in Athens (1-4 against Spain in the final) and with the Under-16 side in 1998 in Glasgow (1-2 against Republic of Ireland). He will be hoping it is third time lucky in Portugal.

Cesena Calcio's Nicola Pozzi and Atalanta BC's Marco Motta both scored three goals during the qualifying campaign. Motta is yet another product of Atalanta's youth academy, arguably the best in Italy. A strong and skilled defender, he can also play in midfield. Born in May 1986 he is dangerous in attack especially from set-pieces, having hit six goals in 15 matches with the national youth sides.

Italy were among the most impressive qualifiers, winning five of their six qualifying matches while scoring 15 goals and conceding just two.

Hard-fought win
Drawn in Group 1 in the first qualifying round, Italy set out their stall early on with a 5-0 win against Andorra and a 2-0 success against Latvia. The final group game saw Rocca's side come from behind and earn a hard-fought 2-1 victory against Bulgaria to top the group - Gallaccio scoring the winner early in the second half.

Holding their nerve
In the second qualifying round, Italy saw off stern challenges from both Belgium and Germany to qualify for the finals. After beating the Belgians 3-0, Italy had to settle for a 1-1 draw against Germany which left the group up for grabs going into the final round of games. Italy held their nerve to beat Azerbaijan 2-0, with goals from Motta and Pozzi, while the Germans missed their chance by losing 2-1 against Belgium.

Italy youth honours:
UEFA European Under-16 Championship:
Winners 1987
Runners-up 1986, 1993, 1998
UEFA European Under-18 Championship:
Runners-up 1986, 1995, 1999
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RF53 - Italy v Spain is on british Eurosport on wednesday and Italy v England on friday. Unfortunately Israel game isnt although I hope we get through this mighty hard group.

Italy team U17 main team:

Motta Marzoratti Andreoli Cristico
Stucchi Bottone Morosini Bovo
Pozzi Paolucci

Not totally sure on that, just from what I know that is the team. Italy U17 miss two of their best players in Simonetta (Roma) and Gallaccio (Chelsea) unfortunately.

Anyone can really be chosen at this level though from this squad.
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The Under 17 European Championships will be good. Italy wasn't in the last tournament and it is quite rare to see them successful in Under 17, Under 19 and Under 20 on the European and world stage.

This is a pretty tough group, as Israel were also a surprise qualifier. Spain are also pretty good at youth and probably the favourites, and Italy usually have the wood on England at all age levels, so it will be interesting to see what happens.
Yesterday, the Italian Under 19 team beat Georgia 3-1 and qualified to the Euro under 19 finals. Della Rocca, Lodi, and Pazzini scored the goals. Ireland is next on Tuesday, unimportant match. It will be shown live on RaiSport.
Lodi and Della Rocca are supposedly are next big things. Also Aquialni in that team is exciting, we have a good future if we bring them through right :)
U19 beat N Iraleand 2-0

Pazzini 50'
Aquilani 90'

9 points from the 3 games and they qualify for the final phase of qualification.


Italy 4-1 Latvia
Italy 3-1 Georgia
Italy 2-0 N Ireland

Nice easy route through :)
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