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Italian Taxpayer Details Posted on the Web

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SO ToniSamp, others who live in Italy- any good sites that have grabbed some of the more juicy footballer and celebrity info? :D


Italian tax details posted on web
By Mark Duff
BBC News, Milan

Outgoing Prime Minister Romano Prodi
Mr Prodi's coalition cracked down on tax evasion

Privacy watchdogs have ordered the Italian authorities to block access to every Italian's personal tax details.

This comes after they were published on the internet and made available for almost 24 hours.

The move to release the information was one of the last acts of the outgoing centre-left government - and has shocked many tax-shy Italians.

Without warning, the tax authority posted on its website every tax payer's declared earnings and tax paid.

With just a couple of mouse clicks Italians were able to see just how much their favourite footballer, TV star or singer earned and paid in tax.

The idea was also an open invitation to nosey neighbours, making it just as simple to see how much the couple next door earned, or how much your local doctor or priest paid in tax.

The site proved a massive hit. Within hours it was overwhelmed and impossible to reach.

The finance ministry described the move as a bid to improve transparency. Critics condemned it as an outrageous breach of privacy.

The timing of the move, just days before the current administration hands over to Silvio Berlusconi, was intriguing too.

The outgoing government came to power promising to tackle Italians' notoriously lax approach to paying tax - prompting some sceptics to see the move as just end of term sour grapes.
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I'm not against it cause I have nothing (unfortunately!) to hide but it surely is against the law on the privacy, so unless they modify the law this service is unlawful.
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