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Italian referee De Santis get a 4 months ban

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Italian referee De Santis get a 4 months ban
Disciplinary commission of Italian Referee Board banned for four months the referee Massimo De Santis, after the happenings of Juventus-Parma match played last May 7th.

That day De Santis disallowed a goal scored by Fabio Cannavaro at last minute of the match who should have tied the game. The result was very important since with that win Juventus had the chance to keep a 2 points gap on Lazio, with just one week to play. Besides Parma lost the possibility to stay 1 point ahead Inter in the race to Champions League 4th place.

The decision of the referee built up suspects about presumed match-fixing and corruption to give Juventus its 26th title, which takes place for the whole successive week. But the club managed by Carlo Ancelotti lost its last game at Perugia the week later and Lazio got the scudetto winning home with Reggina.

De Santis, already suspended last May 13th waiting for the decision of the disciplinary commission, could come back on soccer field in the second half of September, a good result thinking that in the days just after his mistake there were talks about he could be banned for life.


I think they should use foreign referees in the future. These italian sh!theads are just too prone to give Juventus unfair advantages...
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I think the ban would be doubled if Juve took the scudetto.. as all hands will point out at him .. and it would be nothing to what the fans would do to him

lets just say Lazio saved his a$$ :D

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...could come back on soccer field in the second half of September..

Ok, here's my question?
Why those 4 months ban when there will be no Serie A during those months?
Whats the f*cking use of this ban then??
What does he care? he has his bran new FIAT car,he has his money...so 4 months are nothing.

He took the CL away from Parma so bn him or not I ciouldnt care less.Besides,De Sntsi is not the problem.Juve and their conections are...
mmmm yeah!!

The whole referee thing was forgotten when Lazio won Lo Scudetto but Parma still didn't, but no-one seemed to notice or care!!

Well thats bad luck and u should be in the CL. Hehe Inter stayed pretty quiet about that :)

Well I don't really mind what type of suspension De Santis got, and Verdi is your nickname names after a youth Parma player?
I saw him in CM3 :)
No, actually I am the youth player... :)

No, it's from that dude who wrote operas. You know, Aida and stuff... ;)

Before every home game they play a piece by him. "The triumphal march" of the opera "Aida". I get goosebumps every time they play it. Watching our boys enter the field to those tunes is my favourite thing in life. It's even better than s*x. ;)

I'm also a big fan of that guy who shout through that megaphone at home games. :) Someone once told me his name but I've forgotten it. He threatened to quit at one time but I think he's still at it. At least I hope so.
'No, actually I am the youth player'

Sure thing Green Man:p

Acctually i never saw a whole Parma game(exept the Playoff game), i can't cuz it's just never on TV.

If i get an opertunity i would like too see 1 match once...

'Watching our boys enter the field to those tunes is my favourite thing in life. It's even better than s*x'

If you tell this too your date, she'll just think your an
freak, it difficult to explain but this kindda things(music whil players enter the field) really gives you goosebumps, the feeling you get can't be explained!
Yeh it's disappointing that Parma didn't get into the cl, I would have preffered Parma in the cl than Inter. But thank god for the playoff match, it helped to show that Lippi was a moron for not playing Baggio all year. I hope he goes to a team who knows how brilliant he is and needs him, like Udinese.
Forza Baggio.
he deserves the whole season
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