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I really like this. :D

Hope it's done in a fair way and all the top clubs be investigated in more better way. And that means, even INTER !

It should be a fair game, and for that to happen everything should be fair.

Guilty ones should be punished. Ducked points or Serie B OR Fined in such a way that they will be forced to leave Serie A and go to Serie B/C

Italian clubs face months of scrutiny

MILAN, Feb 27 (Reuters) - Italian football clubs face months of intense scrutiny of their financial activities after unprecedented raids on the offices of 51 clubs as part of a widening investigation into suspected accounting fraud.

Some 1,000 police took part in Thursday's nationwide operation, looking through and carrying away documents at Serie A and B clubs, the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) and the Football League, judicial sources said.

The probe is the latest blow to the image of Italian clubs after scandals over doping and false passports.

'It is a complex investigation that does no good for football's image,' said League president Adriano Galliani.

'We hope that at least it will bring a little clarity,' said Galliani who is also vice-president of European champions AC Milan, the club owned by Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

'I don't know what has sparked these searches but I hope that a situation of legality emerges,' said Berlusconi, whose club's offices were also visited by police.

The FIGC said in a statement that they had handed over all their documentation and would 'collaborate with the magistracy in order to defend the interests of the entire sports system'.
The dramatic raids at club headquarters across the country involved over 1,000 police and were ordered by Rome magistrates.

The next step will be the examination of the seized financial documents dating back to 1999, including those relating to player contracts and transfers.

At the same time as the Roma investigation, there are separate probes looking at the collapse of Italian food companies Cirio and Parmalat, which were both heavily involved in the sport.
Cirio owner Sergio Cragnotti was president of 2000 Italian champions Lazio and Parmalat head Calisto Tanzi's family ran Parma. Both men are in jail after being arrested.

Another investigation is looking into the affairs of a sports management company GEA World, which had close links to the Cragnotti and Tanzi families.

Most club chiefs expressed their willingness to co-operate with the investigation with some even welcoming the probe.
'We are happy with these controls given that with the doping, gambling, false passports and bank guarantees Italian football has lost credibility,' Rinaldo Sagramola, managing director of Serie B club Vicenza told Friday's Gazzetta dello Sport.

Aldo Spinelli, president of fellow Serie B club Livorno, said he hoped the investigation would be fair and urged that it be focused on the bigger clubs.

'I am hoping that they will do things well and that it is not something guided in favour of some and against others,' said Spinelli, who urged investigators to look closely at transfer deals involving big fees for foreign players.

The investigation traces its roots back to allegations that four clubs, including Serie A team AS Roma, used fraudulent bank guarantees to win admission to the current league season.
All Italian clubs have to present evidence of sound finances to Covisoc, the sport's financial regulator, before their registration for the season is approved.

The clubs have denied any wrongdoing and the role of Covisoc itself has come under the eye of investigators.

The inquiry has been widened to look at the whole of soccer finances in the country after Giuseppe Gazzoni Frascara, the owner of Serie A club Bologna, said some clubs were enjoying an unfair advantage as they were not paying income tax.

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