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Israeli team chances in europe

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what chances have israeli team in european cups??

i think maccabi haifa will be champions. they plays in the second (or third, i dont know). I hope they get a easier team in the champions league quali. And i hope maccabi dont make such a big fault like last year as they substitute Walid Badir, who wasnt allowed to play so the uefa decided to make Haka Valkeakoski as the winner (maccabi win 1:0 and 4:0).

Hapoel Tel Aviv have many chances i think in the next year in uefa cup. I hope that no player of hapoel tel aviv will go to another club. They had a great uefa cup season this year and every israeli thanks Hapoel for that.

Maccabi Tel Aviv in Uefa Cup: they have chances but i dont think they will be very good. this season they have an excellent Rodrigo Goldberg, but he cannot win a match alone. i hope they get an austrian team for the revange for this **** 1:1.


Ashdod in intertoto cup will get a czech club in the first round. Thats a possible mission for the guys....

support israeli clubs in europe even when you are not a fan of the club in the league.........

Mazal Tov
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First of all welcome, hope you have a good stay.

Now regarding the points you made, I am not quite sure what will happen next year but I think Hapoel's success this season might be a good motivation for Haifa to do well in Europe. On the paper, their squad is much more talented then Hapoel's, so why not, but you can't know.

Hapoel? I dunno, I think they'll be stopped in an earlier round then what they did this season. Maybe 3rd round.

Maccabi TA haven't made it there yet and should win the State Cup or hope Hapoel TA and Maccabi Haifa make the final in order to reach there, and finally, Intertoto? I dunno, this competition isn't taken seriously in Israel so I can't see why it would change this year. But if they did, who knows what will happen, though our representitive in this competition is still not sure but it is likely to be either Maccabi Tel-Aviv, Ashdod or maybe even Be'er Sheva.
thanks for my welcome..

unfortunately in austria i dont hear nothing about israeli soccer, just www.one.co.il or www.sport5.co.il where i can get informations. unfortunately i cannot speak hebrew very good. so its a problem.....

i hope there will be a team in uefa cup, which cannot qualify for the uefa cup in liga ha'el. So israel have 3 teams (or maybe 4 if maccabi haifa lost its 3rd round game in champions league quali)

can anybody say me, who still plays in the israeli F.A Cup??

i just know, maccabi TA and Hapoel TA.....

MAZAL TOV beitar
Then you came to the right place, stick here and we'll provide you with information.

As for the 'FA Cup' the teams who will play in the quarter finals of the competition are as following:

Maccabi Haifa vs Kiryat Gat
Maccabi Petah Tikva vs Hapoel Petah Tikva/Hapoel Tel Aviv
Beitar Jerusalem vs Bney Yehuda
Maccabi Tel Aviv vs Kiryat Shmona
The semis are Maccabi TA or Kiryat Shmona/Hapoel TA/Hapoel Petah Tikva/Maccabi Petah Tikva

Beitar Jerusalem/Bney Yehuda - Maccabi Kiryat Gat/Maccabi Haifa
Derby in the semis and revenge time!
And from next season the 3rd place leads to a UEFA Cup place as well.
Maccabi Tel Aviv are UEFA Cup bound

Regardless of what they do in the State Cup final, the fact that they will play the Champions Maccabi Haifa there means only one thing: Maccabi Tel Aviv will play UEFA Cup football next season. So the only thing that needs to be determined is who will represent us in the Intertoto! :happy: :rolleyes: ;)
Maybe we should send Beitar :D :happy:
:) laugh your ass :ass: off Mr. Keren, but you will see BEITAR in the CL soon! :) VERY SOON! HEHEHEHE
All that you ever wanted to know on the Intertoto!

Now that Ashdod have officially won the 4th place and thus are qualified to the Intertoto let me tell you some details on this competition:

Ashdod will start their Intertoto adventure on June 23rd, away to Banik Ostrava in the Czech Republic and will play the secong leg at Ashdod one week later. Ashdod start playing from the first round of this tournament (5 rounds alltogether). The whole tournament is based on a 2nd leg knock-out tie. 6 teams qualify to the final round, and the 3 winners all qualify to the UEFA Cup.

If Ashdod overcomes Banik they will be up against a Bulgarian or a Welsh side, if they manage to qualify to the 3rd round they will face a Portuguese\Slovakian\Azerbaijanian team. There are 60 participaints alltogether with 40 teams start playing from the first round.


1st leg \ 2nd leg

First Round: June 23th / one week later
Second Round: 6/7.7 / one week later
Third Round: 20/21.7 / one week later
Semi finals: 31.7 / 7.8
Final: 13.8 / 27.8

Banik Ostrava's official website: http://www.fcbanikostrava.cz/

Note: I have borrowed all info from a guy named Nir, a fan of Maccabi Petah Tikva who posted this elsewhere. Cheers dude. ;)
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