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Is your problem in personnel or tactic??

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i am a milan fan , but i always support any team representing italy in europe no matter who it is,and i have to say that italy should be proud of lazio for the return game against valencia,if it wasnt for their goalkeeper lazio could have won easily 4 or 5 nil.but clearly lazio's problem is in attack and goalkeeper.now for the goalkeeper it only depends on the person,but about the attack,well i dont think it matters who is playing,lazio 's problem is in the tactic.eriksson depends more on midfielders annd there isnt much support for attackers, i mean 90% of the time the ball is with nedved or veron and that is it.simone inzaghi was scoring goals a lot last year and he failed to do so with lazio,ravanelli the same,boksic was unbelivable with marsille and now with lazio rubbish,salas even cannot do it anymore,look at veron 18 goals last season with parma this season 9 or 8 goals.maybe it doesnt matter who u buy ,what matters is how u play.eriksson should be sacked not because he is bringing bad results,but a team like lazio should play a much more exciting attacking football,not beating perugia and pacenza at home 1-0!!!
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Hey how about you guys huh? I mean I think Milan Is an attaking team too and how about your home results against smaller teams: 2-2 againt Lecce, 3-3 Against Verona, 2-2 against Cagliari?!!!!

The problem is not the tactic or Eriksson. The thing is that we have a playing team, and using a short pass game and provide our attackers with balls along the ground, not from the air. One reason that our attackers do not score is ofcourse that our most natural scorer Salas has missed so many chances it´s incredible, but also that we have a great midfield that scores many goals.

Erikssons tactic is the best for Lazio beacause we let our midfield use their great skills in passing, and their taste for goals. We want to see a playing team, not a long-ball to Bierhoff passing game.

Fortunately for us Eriksson realizes that you just can´t attack and attack but you also have to defend sometimes and thats why we win so many more matches now than for let´s say five years ago.
Lazio- play no exciting attacking football????!!!!!! Are you kidding with me=
We play exciting attacking football we always have and we always will but now we also defend and thats why we are a better team than you are right now

Forza Lazio
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Got something more to add to this?

Though I do think that Lazio has to play more matches the way they played against Valencia at home, that was awesome fighting!
Khalid has some extremely points that are selectively being ignored. Instead of attacking his argument, he is attacked. It is personal only to that extent. Where is the logic of all my fellow Lazio fans?
AngeloB... well said.
I totally agree with you.

I also want to add that a strong midfield also had helped our "sometime" weak defence.
We are not the attacking force we where last year & not the solid defence either.

And dont joke about Lombardo he is still apart of our team, and have done a good jobb the few times he had played.
Excuse me? Personal?
I´m not attacking him I´m simply saying that I disagree and that I think Lazio are playing exciting attacking football, and that Lazios problem is not the tactic or Eriksson. And about the results I´m just pointing out to him that you just can´t attack and attack against small teams cause then you´ll concede goals just like Milan did in those games against Lecce, Verona and Cagliari!!!

Forza Lazio
I am a true Lazio fan but I don't think that we are playing an exciting attacking football today, maybe last year. This years Lazio is more tactical and careful and if it wasn't for some slipups like the games in Valencia and Venezia and against Feyenoord and Roma the season would have been hugely succesful for us. But I feel that we are very close...for sure next year will be the year of Lazio.

And by the way, teams like Milan and Inter sometimes plays very good but they do that during short periods and then they totally fall apart...we can't say that about Lazio, can we??
SIBIRMAN or whatever i understand ur point by i disagree with two things u said,first milan doesnt play or depend on long balls to bierhoff!!what about 21 goals from shevy not even 1 from a long ball?actually he scored a hatrick against lazio on his own,alone...secondly the results u say about milan 2-2 3-3 2-2 well do u see what i mean we scored 7 goals in 3 games,which is more than what lazio scored in their last 7 games..i am not saying milan is better or stronger ,but surely more attacking minded to watch,lazio in the 4-4 match were brilliant like milan,but now i saw two games in 2 weeks,lazio-perugia i slept on the couch and the goal came from lombardo!and lazio piacenza last week and after a 0-0 first half lazio bring in the second half , who? roberto mancini!!!i disagree with u about erikson tactic is the best,look at how roma play 3 strikers and 2 wingers,milan 3 strikers,inter 2 strikers and 2 wingers,parma 3 when ortega plays,lazio 1!!or 2 and they take one in second half,i mean next year where is lopez going to play?the guy in valencai plays next to 2 strikers kiki and ille,now?play him alone...u wanna buy rivaldo , where is he playng?or u will sell veron?
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sorry guys but i agree with KHALID. When I watch the Lazio matches at home on TV, I'm always scared for what will happen in every attack the other team has... Remember Chelsea ? The last minute and Dan Petrescu ? Marchegiani was beaten and ***** !!!! held the ball with his hand... There must be a penalty but lucky, there weren't one.If Lazio played more games like against Milan or Valencia they would win lo scudetto with no problems ! They 'll be 6-7 points ahead !
Lazio isn't scoring so many and so nice looking goals anymore ! And when we score , we score that never knowing goal which noone expects ( the first goal against Chelsea, The first goal against Valencia by Inzaghi).I think that with C. Lopez Lazio will be stronger like it is every and every year when Cragnotti tooked the control of it.But I'm afraid Lopez won't have anyone to pass the ball to !Who's gonna play our attack like in Valencia Ilie, Kily... In Barca Kluivert, Dani, ... Lazio made the biggest mistake selling BOBO in Inter.

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Khalid and you others that agree with him,
Have you ever thought that a tactic is made by looking at what players you have in the team. There are coaches like Zeman who plays 4-3-3 always. It doesn't matter if the team has 2 attacker, he will always play with 3 players in the attack.
Then there are good coaches, in this case Eriksson, he looks at what players he has in the team. And when he looks at the team he sees, A FANTASTIC midfield and not even 1 great attacker. There are a couple of decent attackers but nothing more.

What should he do ????
Why not play with 5 midfielders (Lazio's best part of the team) and 1 attacker (Lazio's worst part of the team).
Do you think Lazio would score more goals and play more entertaining if Lazio played with 5 attacker and 1 midfielder?
Lazio could play with S. Inzaghi, Salas, Boksic, Ravanelli and Mancini in the attack, and I am SURE that we would not score as many goals as we have scored so far.

So Khalid, when Lopez and hopefully some other Great attacker will come to Lazio, the tactic will change !! Last year Eriksson played with 2 attackers (Vieri, Salas) + Mancini in almost every game when Vieri was not injured. And that was the same coach as Lazio has now. But what have changed are the players, Mancini is one year older and Vieri has left.
This was hard to understand I know…. But this is the way things are when you have a good coach.

And I don't see your point when you write that Lombardo scored, so what?
Isn't he allowed to score?

Forza Lazio
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Yeah, perhaps Milan have scored more in the last few matches compared to Lazio. But at the same time their defence is rather weak too, hence those 3-3, 2-2 draws. And I guess the reason for Milan's being the club who've scored most goals in Serie A this season is Sheva - you minus his 22 goals and you see what I mean.
As for Lazio, I don't think we're less exciting to watch than Milan! We've also scored 50+ goals this season and that should be the evidence. And to add to that, there are 50+ goals while we consider our strikers to be lacking in terms of goals. So wouldn't that mean if our attackers were even sharper, we'd even score more?
And as for our recent 'slim' wins, I guess the pressure is getting on the players - you certainly can't blame them to be more careful even if you tell them to just 'give your best shot'. I guess somewhere in their subconscious minds there's even greater fear of not winning - while there seems to be less pressure on Milan. One example is the game against Valencia in Olimpico - the players were superb and I suppose it was partly because they had almost nothing to lose and everything to gain! Had they lost by just a 1-goal margin, I think they would perform as well as they did. That's my opinion at least.
The point is, I don't think there are major problems with our team now, and especially not the coach! We're going in the right direction and hopefully we'll reach there! Oh, and we'll need some luck too :)
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But it's worrying tough. If were going in the right direction, what do we need a player like Rivaldo for?
I think its very important to have a long term plan, and I am not sure we really have one. If the squad doesnt allow more attackers on the pitch than we have to today (Inzaghi)then the most important player to get to the team is a good attacking player, someone like Kluivert. (I always wanted to see van Nistelrooy in Lazio, maybe we can get him from man u...)
A team like Lazio have to play more attacking style football. And i dont think its impossible even with this squad, why don't we use more of Boksic for instance?

Anyway, i hope Lopez will be a great asset to the team next year. I havnt seen him much, but I gather he is not much of a playmaker, is he? How will he work with Inzaghgi?
Khalid, my name is Sibirman don´t insult me by calling me Sibirman or whatever!!!!
Now, first: maybe Milans playing style isn´t always long-balls-to-Bierhoff I think it has been the last two seasons but I haven´t seen so many Milan games this season so I take that back.
Second: The thing I left out in my first post was how many games Lazio has played this season. This season is the first time ever Lazio seriously was challenging for 3 titles. Eriksson had from the beginning count on that Lazio might play 60 or more matches this season. taking that in consideration it is ofcourse impossible to play with the same lineup all season. He had to use a rotation system and use every man in the squad. Before christmas I think we played good attacking football in all of our matches even though we had the champions league to think about. But after christmas the Nesta became injured and in march to the end of the season every match we played became extremely important- We had to win against Chelsea to not fall out of the champions league, we had to win every match in the league to not fall to far behind Juventus, and we wanted to to pass the round in the cup and reach the final=
And i ask you- do you think with that pressure It´s possible to play sparkling attacking football in every game? No ofcourse not, especially not since all are attackers except Inzaghi was out of form (especially Salas). I have to admit I myself thought it was a bit wrong to play with just one striker and I still do, although the result in those matches turned out well (except the Valencia away game).

My point is that it was more important to win every match than to play fine football, it didn´t matter if we won by 4 or 5 goals, or if it was the midfielders or the defenders who scored just as long as we scored and won.
That is the main reason why I think our attacking game has been suffering this year that, and Salas bad form the last part of the season.

Maybe we focused to hard on just to win. I got the feeling when I read the interviews from Cragnotti and Eriksson that "as long we´re still in the three competitions" everything was great. Maybe we should´ve give up the cup and just focus ont Serie A and the champions league.

Forza Lazio
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