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Is this week Boca-River!!

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Can any one tell me will Boca-River match is in this week.It was supposed to be held on last week.But we all know there was a strike.I think this spectecular match havent been played yet.And if played whats the scoreline :)

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Mushfiq, the strike is now over, Boca vs River, will be played this coming Sunday. Hope it will be a classic game, with end to end action! :)
Thx Czar, cant wait to see the match.
And yeah it will be a classic game. ;)
Unfortuately, Saviola won't be able to participate in Sunday's match as he is serving a one match suspension.
i cant wait to see aimar battle requelme...they are both great, but i think this would show us who is the better player.
aimar VS requelme
is sounds cooool
is palermo training with boca now....?
I read somewhere that Palermo may return to action in a couple of weeks.
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