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I've been following the Real Forum for quite some time now since i'm a big Real fan and i've noticed that Labas here is the Big Boss! :)
So i am asking you a question Labas. A question so disgraceful that i do not want that to happen to even my worst enemy let alone my dear Real!
Ok, here's the question:
I read on some Austrian newspaper that Real are biding big time on a player named (Ouch!
Beckham!!!!!!!!!!!!!)Phuck!I pray god and the devil that this does not come true!
So Labas, what do you think of that?Is this realistic?Have Real's management fallen so low that they're now after the most overrated and one-dimensional of the whole universe???I can't believe Sanz doing such a disgrace to the Casa Bianca!
Forza Magico Milan!
Hala Madrid!
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