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Well if I'm that big of an expert, I'll gladly answer :)

The rumor, and nothing more then a rumor is NOT true. Reasons for it:

1) Sanz has already declared we(Real) will spend 30 mln $ at most this summer on transfers. What that practically means is no BIG name will be coming to Madrid this summer. And Bex for sure, as we all know he would cost more(not that he's worth it, but the medias can do things... :()
2)we already have an absolutely brilliant pair of right midfielders in McManaman and the young and blooming Geremi Ndjitap. Then there is also Ognjenovic and Meca who can play on the right wing, so this place is really not too vulnerable.
3)Vicente del Bosque is a good coach and he will not buy such a one dimensional player as Beckham, because he simply knows he's not suitable for the Spanish game. It could be just another flop...
4)What I just mentioned - Real cannot take the risk of making another HUGE buy, because if it ends the way the Anelka thing did, Fernando Sanz is a gonner. Believe me, he won't take that risk... :)

I hope this has cleared up all your doubts and made it quite clear tthe dork AKA Bex will not be a Real Madrid player now (and let's hope forever :))
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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