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i think your team will be too much offensive







I think you will be espacially weak on the counter
cuz then you only will have Aldair and Assuncao:(

OR maby you will play like 2 seasons ago:





But this will ruin your wings cuz they have to
play like wing backs:(

BUT still congrats you have been so far the best club on the market, and i sense Sensi(COOL!) will try to buy the
scudetto, i know it's L*zio like but who cares:)

Good luck next year!

Forza Parma!!!
haha we are going to buy Almeyda

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Well Willem since the romanista dont answer ive got to do it.
At the moment my answer is yes. But the transfer season inst over yet and I think that Capello/sensi focuses on defensive players from now and on.

But hteyve got more offensive players than any other serie A team. And theyve got Bati...

He will for sure score at least 20 goals this season.
And if you scores 2 goals in a game the opponents has to score three to win.

But they need to strengthen hter defense with some quality material.

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Not a strong enough defense?? Are we all seriously talking about this with regards to italian soccer? And how can you complain about the likes of candela, aldair, tommasi and cafu in the backfield or comprising a defesive midfield?

my only hope for roma is that they lend totti some support in the midfield...he loves his one-touch football, but he needs someone to actively play with him to feed the front two.

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Personally i'm really not sure,
cause i haven't really seen Emerson play,assuming this transfer will go through.But last year i found that Tommasi lost too many balls by passing it to the other team.
Emerson is the key,i know this about him he is a passer of the ball if he can send the strikers and pump those balls to Totti,we'll be unreal.
Now we also got Zebina,who will assume the role of understudy to Aldair.And lets not forget if that defence lacks in the middle of the park we have Zanetti,who i think is one of the brightest italian stars for the future who renewed his contract and is willing to give everthing to Capello.If our team is too offensive,there will be no problem with making changes with the buys from the transfer market Capello can make decisions knowing that he has two solid teams,where last year he could only rely on the starting 11.
Also look at this as an alternative,with Totti proving to show he can play this position in the National team.


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Here is your line u next season.

Candela/Cafu..Laursen/Zago..Samuel..Candela/Van Bronkhorst
....................Montella...Bati Bati Bati Bati GOL!!!!!!

Delvechio and Poggi first offencive change

Tomassi and DiFrancesco first midfield change

Laursen/Zago and Candel/Cafu first defencive change

Toldo would be great at Roma

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One of the reasons why I became a Romafan is because they play the most offensive and attractive football in the Serie A. But a good defense is also important.
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