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is it good when we lose????

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well. we win sometimes, but almost never do we win giving a good performance. face it we suck. it is not about getting new players, but getting a new coach. a cuper. look at inter the last 4 years, they played like ****, simply sucked. they a great manager, coach. cuper came in and took charge with the same group of players that were present last year and the year before, and they became a great team fighthing for the scudetto. on the other had, we play boring, BAD football and don't win. when we win we fool the board, everyone. they think we are good and we can challenge, just cause we won 1-0 in the 94th minute with some ****ty header that hits 2 players and goes in. just like when we won the scudetto 3 years ago. then went on to the cl. and guess what. we got killed as i remember. we sucked. it is not about player, but about the way the team as a whole performs. look at chievo, man utd, deprotivo, valencia, roma. these are teams that perform as a TEAM. they doin't depend on a star like sheva, or inzaghi, and when they get injured the team dies. we need drastic changes. the board needs to wake up and smell the coffee. when we lose, we prove to ourselves and to the whole world we suck. to the players. to the board, to gallani, to berlusconi. they need to wake up.:mad:
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Fire him, kidnap him, kill him I don't care just get rid of him (Ancelotti)
Spot on [email protected] Milan has performed awfully this season. Under Terim at the start, we played good, attacking, exciting football. We had heart, we had determination. As a result of Terim's attacking style of play, we were bound to lose a few matches here and there. The management didn't like this and when they knew they had a former Milan star in Ancelotti available, they sacked Terim and claimed that it was because he lost too many times. Ever since Ancelotti has come in, we have played slow, boring, defensive football with no heart, no determination, no brains and no team spirit. But we have managed to draw a lot of games, but not win enough. Yet the management think this isn't as bad as winning most games and losing some games like when we were under Terim. They are happy with drawing every game. What they don't see is that Ancelotti is killing us. Milan have been just hanging on or scraping over the line, even though we have played **** football. It would have taken a lot of losses to sack Ancelotti, but we haven't lost all that much. We've got a false sense of security. When we don't win, we say that we were unlucky or had injuries or something. But the real reason is because we played ****. And the management don't wanna believe it. That match against Dortmund was what we deserved. Despite our **** season, we've been lucky that other teams haven't destroyed us. Finally someone did. I'm glad. We deserved it. Hopefully this loss will open the managements eyes and they will see that we aren't a super team anymore and that we need to start re-building. New coach, new players. We need to start again.
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The Shev said:
It would have taken a lot of losses to sack Ancelotti, but we haven't lost all that much. We've got a false sense of security.
thats exactly what i mean
Frankly I would much prefer it if our stuttering, pathetic Milan were able to get into the CL and the management still have enough balls to sack Ancellotti and find us a suitable replacement next season. Somebody who hasn't been the manager of the big Italian clubs, who judges players on merit and not reputation nor past histories. Somebody who brings the best out of his players and improves their game, not stifle their natural talents with a blanket anti-football tactic.

Arsene Wenger comes to mind almost immediately but he is not on the market.

Ranieri? Del Neri? Bianchi? The coach of Boavista (who could imagine Boavista going through to phase 2 CL and not the Dortmund that so cruelly humiliated Milan)? The coach of Leverkusen (didn't bother to remember his name)? Get Terim back? The coach of Betis (a club that was in the Spanish 1st division last season, and he has done very well playing good football with modest resources, and has changed Denilson the flop into Denilson the great winger).
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I'm sure you people can think of more names than what I have managed of coaches who have proven their competence and ability without having ever been at a "big club", to which our beloved Milan still barely lays claim to?
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