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Irish league

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The new reformed Irish league finally kicked off properly this week after two weekends of problems delayed the start. Referees strike made sure the original kick off date was prosoped however when IFA realised how serious the refs where, they qucikly gave in.

The next week saw a month of rain fall in two days in most parts of the country so only one game was able to go ahead which was was Institute Vs Crusaders which ended up 1-1

This season as always Linfield are the team to catch after winning league last season and league cup, however they have lost a host of players including 5 forwards and top goal scorer for the past 2 seasons Peter Thompson. Although Micheal Carvill definatly has the ability to fill the void, and Andrew Waterworth is also on the cards

Glentoran have kept all their best players and didnt make any big signings with a weakened linfield expect them to have a good go at the title this year

Cliftonville also havn't made many big signings and have had to sell a few players such as John Martin to Linfield so may struggle this season with their core of local players now all entering their 30's



COLERAINE 1 - 0 D Swifts



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Pumba, is it true at boxing day there's always the match Linfield-Glentoran at Windsor Park?

If so, why does Linfield always play at home at boxing day? I reckon there are derbies too at The Oval? :)

btw, go Cliftonville!!!
Yes there usually is a game between those 2 on boxing day and is usually the fixture with the highest attendance of the season. It isnt always at Windsor though as far as i am aware
Hmm ok, thanks. Well I heard of it and I'm serious thinking of attending that fixture, although I first need more info of course ;).

What's your theam in Northern Ireland btw, Lisburn Distillery FC? :pp

Also, what's this for nonsense? :googly: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/irish/7398872.stm
I dont really have a team tbh, i do look for Distillery's results and how they r doing etc but their ground is in such a ridiculous position that its hard to get to. Easiest place for me to get to is windsor to watch Linfield but alot of their fan base are total asses so ill avoid them
Hmm ok, thought they were from Lisburn just as in your profile no?

About Linfield's fans, well I heard many stories, what's the matter with them?

League was restructured and entry requires clubs to meet a set of criteria (similar to LOI) Portadowns application arrived late and they where not allowed into the new league. Bit of a joke really, they won 1st game 5-1 and 2nd gaem 7-1, despite losing half their squad they still walk over any championship team.
That's really too bad, hopefully they're back where they belong soon, so next season.

Linfield are playing Glentoran at home 26th or 27th December, still to be confirmed
Cheers, any idea when usually the schedule definitely will be confirmed? :)
They used to sing very violent anti-catholic/anti-irish songs, they play in the colours of the British flag, the fans frequently burn Irish flags and such things. Now it has to be said Linfield's board has done a lot of efford to ban this behaviour and the many times I was at Linfield games I never saw real violence so their anti-sectarianism campaign has been a success somewhat, there is however still an element within their support...
Does things like these still happen?

PS: for the same reason I do dislike Cliftonville. Sorry to disappoint you, but they are the opposide side of the coin as Linfield. They are the most extreme pro-Irish team and have caused problems several times with their anti-British behaviour, sometimes including physical provocations. Linfield and Cliftonville are on the more extreme side of the spectrum while other clubs in NI, although often also leaning towards one political corner, are more moderate.
Well to be honest I think in politics I've got quite the same opinion as the Cliftonville fans, although I don't support (physical) provocations.

If you want to support a truly neutral team, then support Queens University AFC in the third division as their players are all students from both sides of the political divide. This is about the only politically neutral team you will find in the Belfast agglomeration.
Do they have a stadium? :D

If they have, do they attract any fans?

Glens-Linfield on Boxing Day is traditional but it is not always at Windsor. I have attended Glens-Linfield on Boxing Day a few seasons ago and that was played at The Oval (Glentoran stadium). I think they switch it every year who plays at home on Boxing Day. But to have the big 2 playing each other is tradition on Boxing Day yes.
Ok, so it's just this time they'll play at Windsor, next year on Boxing day the derby will take place at the Oval?

At this moment the schedule is like this;
Friday, 26th or Saturday, 27th December, 2008,
JJB Sports Premiership (kick-off tbc)
Ballymena United v. Coleraine
Cliftonville v. Crusaders
Dungannon Swifts v. Institute
Linfield v. Glentoran
Lisburn Distillery v. Bangor
Newry City v. Glenavon
Will the derby always be played at boxing day, or is there a chance too it will be played one day later?

I see the 2nd division matches are scheduled for the 27th.
Saturday, 27th December, 2008
Armagh City v. Ballinamallard United
Ballyclare Comrades v. Killymoon Rangers
Carrick Rangers v. Tobermore United
Coagh United v. Dergview
Glebe Rangers v. Ballymoney United
Limavady United v. Banbridge Town
Loughgall v. Donegal Celtic
Portadown v. Larne
Best one to visit is Portadown I guess, if there's no premier league game on the 27th?

Sorry for all these questions, but I'm totally unknown with Northern Irish football :).
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Monday's meeting between the sides is the first match at Solitude this term.
The north Belfast Reds have had to play home games at Donegal Celtic's Suffolk Road base since August as a new stand was being constructed at their own ground.
Indeed, I'm as well very interested to know what's happening / changing exactly at Solitude... no pictures or so?
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