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Any one saw the match? What do you think?

We played without Nashat Akram, Emad Mohammed, Ahmed Kadhim, Salih Sadir, Samal Saeed and Haider Abdul-Razzaq

Well, Haider Abdul-Razzaq, Samal Saeed and Salih Sadir are Substitutions so Its reall dosnt matter if they played or not

But playing without Nashat Akram, Emad Mohammed and Ahmed Kadhim
Tahts a suicide especially when you play with new Faces like Jassim Mohammed Haji who actually was great, and playing with undeserved players like Haitham Kadhim and Yassir Ra'ad that’s completely suicide

We played and dominated the 1st half and we missed 3~4 Goals
Thank God Mahdi Karim scored after brilliant team work, started with Jassim Mohammed Haji crossed to Haider Abdul-Amir then a header to Mahdi Karim and he scored

In the 2nd Half the Chinese Coach made some changes and he entered Shao Jiyai(sp?) they and they scored and if you ask me if the goal was clear or foul I will say Foul
To Chinese players blocked our Keeper in the 6 yards and if you back to the rules that’s a foul
Any way after the goal we dominated again and from Free kick Hawar scored a brilliant goal
after that they attacked and we attcked until the 90 minutes end
in the loss time they attacked and pressed But thank to Noor Sabri he saved us

If you noticed all the chinless defenders took a yellow card

This is our squad list and rating

22. Noor Sabri (9/10)

4. Yassir Ra'ad (6/10)
15. Ali Hussain Rahima (9/10)
27. Jassim Mohammed Haji (7/10)

3. Bassim Abbas (7.5/10)
14. Haider Abdul-Amir (6/10)
19. Haitham Kadhim (4.5/10)
24. Qusay Munir (9/10)

11. Hawar Mulla Mohammed (9.5/10)
18. Mahdi Karim (7/10)

10. Younis Mahmoud (6.5/10)

32. Khalid Mushir (-/10)
25. Mohammed Nassir (-/10)

Hard Luck China
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