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Aggelos Anastasiadis (Iraklis manager for some who doesnt know him :)) will leave Iraklis at the end of the season.I cant understand why they are doing this,its not his fault if the team sux! I mean he has 4 decent players and he is 7th! what do they want from him? another rumor sais that he will leave because he demanded two players who are expensive.Patsatzoglu from Xanthi (he is fantastic) and Skentzos from OFI.

On other news,Liberian striker James Debbah rejected the contract offer from Iraklis president Vassilis Mitilineos.Debbah,28 years old,who is considered among the best 5 forward in the league,said that he found the contract ridiculus.If no contract can be agreed Debbah will be free to leave in the summer under the Bosman Ruling with AEK,Aris and PAOK after him.

If you consider that anchor Akis Stoltidis will leave as well for AEK (they are still trying to keep him though) Iraklis will loose his trainer and two of his best players.Unless the new owner,Mitilineos,decides to invest some money on transfer I bet they will relegate next season.Anastasiadis suggestions were great,Patsatzoglu is THE BEST anchor in the league and he is quite young as well,on the other hand Skentzos is a tough defender,something Iraklis REALLY lacks.

The sun will rise again...and it will be...GIALLOBLU!
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