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New Iraklis forward Ederson Fonfoka arived yesterday at Thessaloniki.The player was treated with a warm "welcome" by 400 Iraklis supporters at the airport.

Iraklis completed the transfer of former Panathinaikos sweeper Vladan Milojevic.The serbian defender was close to Red Star but Iraklis hi-jacked the move.Milojevic signed a 2 years contract.

Maybe the most important news of the day are that Mihalis Konstadinou extented his contract for 3 more years giving an end to speculation for a move to Olympiakos.The Cyrpiot forward,considered by many as the best player in the league,will receive 600.000.000 drachmas (!) per year.

Meanwhile,Iraklis is close to Russian play-maker Sergei Semak.The player is considered the hottest property of Russian football right now and wants desperatly to come to Greece despites his team insistance that he is not for sale.Reports indicate that Iraklis has almost closed the deal but must move fast because a late bid from Manchester United (!) will probably lure the player to Old Trafford nd the Premier League.
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