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Inzaghino to Milan?

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Lately, there's been more and more rumours about Milan reforming the Inzaghi duo. A few days ago, Pippo supported that idea with lots of enthusiasm and even Galliani when asked on Milan Channel, what he tought of this idea, he said "we will see".
So what do you think? With our current offensive potential, with the exception of Pippo and Sheva, our attack leaves a lot to be desired compared to the other big teams in Italy, let alone in Europe. I personally would be for it, as Inzaghino has been a very mobile, yet efficient striker. Would be cool to see the Inzaghi connection at the San Siro. THat would be the ultimate nightmare for the defenders, as they are very difficult to mark due to their constant mobility. So, what do you think?
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Ah, I can already see the headlines: "I fratelli del terrore" :D

Seriously, depending on the price, this might prove to be interesting.
Not a bad idea. Hopefully more attention will be given strengthening the defence and 'clarifying' the midfield situation though- Pirlo, Rui, Albertini....
IMO Simone Inzaghi could be a solution for the next years!
We should sell Moreno, Simone and perhaps loan Kutuzov and Alyiu so we need new strikers...
Another striker....now haven't we all been saying our defense needs some help?????
Here, here! We do need strikers, though, to replace those who will surely be leaving during the summer. But most of our efforts must be spent on clarifying the problems in midfield (too congested with Rui, Albertini, Serginho, and Pirlo) and the age of our back-liners.

We should not make the mistake of not cultivating a young replacement for Maldini until its too late. When Baresi left, we did not suffer too much at the back because Maldini was there to slot it and Costacurta was playing well in those days.

I'm fairly confident that Milan will be active in the transfer market this summer. And while I'm not generally enthusiastic about making "cutesy" transfers and player pickups just because the marketing department would have a field-day with them, Inzaghino is not a bad player. I think he'd also accept a role on the bench which is important. The last thing we'll need next season are primadonna's screaming for playing time.
Debs said:
Another striker....now haven't we all been saying our defense needs some help?????
I didn´t say we don´t need defenders! We do need!

But I said with the predicted leaves of some strikers in summer we need replacements. And Inzaghinho could be a very good IMO!
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