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What's going on with Inzaghi?
In the Italian-Soccer site, it said that Inzaghi is not very happy, and that Juventus is going for Salas, or Montella.

Here it is:

"So the purchases of the club should be over, and could start the sales. It's really difficult Salas could stay: after that the Chilean rejected to join Parma, which continue to try to persuade the forward, there are other two options, Inter and Juventus. In the Moratti's club it seems just the coach Lippi want to take the South-american, while around Juventus there are new talks about the try to sign a new striker, even after the arrive of Trezeguet, to replace Filippo Inzaghi, who is not happy at all for the way the club planned the transfer market. So on Tuesday Moggi met Cragnotti, in the meantime from AS Roma headquarter Franco Sensi announced he got a €41m bid from Juventus for Montella."

If this is true, where is Inzaghi heading for?

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This is a topic I feel very strongly about.
I would just love it if we were to replace
Inzaghi.The simple fact is that he wastes to
many chances.He is to weak,his shot has no power
and he can only score if Del Piero plants the ball
straight onto his foot.Sure his goal tally at times
looks fairly impressive but when you consider the
amount of easy chances he wastes it is obvious
that he only scores when the players around him
gift wrap his chances on a plate for him.Add to
that the fact that he demands the same money as
Del Piero who is at least 100 times better than
him,I simply cannot see why we keep him.Both Salas
and Montella are much better players than Inzaghi.
As soon as anyone heres the news that we sign either
one of these great players as a replacement for Inzaghi
let me know and we can celebrate the blessed news.
It is a pitty that Inzaghi is going to take part in
the diving at the olympics,he would win for sure.

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Montella for that price? Uh, that is kinda expensive for him. We dont need another striker, we have Trezeguet, he will play with Del Piero.

I think things are looking good in Juventus. Athirson will probably be joining us in december so we're looking good.

and stop linking Salas to Juve, ok? Sorry I just cant take it, it sounds like we are minor club like Udinese or something. Said it before and I say it again, left-overs from Lazio? No thanx.
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