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interview with sensini

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By Filippo Zucchi
He has got a secret but he would not reveal how he is still playing at his top at 35 after more than 20 seasons in football. His name is Roberto Nestor Sensini, he is one of the AC Parma key players and one of the most important players of Argentinean football. He was believed to be one of the most talented players in Argentina when in 1990 during World Cup final Argentina - Germany Europeans were awarded a penalty in 85th minutes for Sensini's foul on Rudy Voller. Till nowadays Sensini himself considers that penalty to be "completely invented by the referee".
Dailysoccer.com has decided to ask him some questions about the upcoming Italian league round but the temptation to speak about the forthcoming World Cup was too great and we didn't want to waste the chance.

Q: Nestor, what is your secret of eternal youth?
A: I have no special secrets that allow me to play in Italian league at 35, but if you want I'll tell you that I enjoy the game every time I'm on the pitch.
Q: Your Parma still struggle to avoid relegation and today you will have a sort of final game with Udinese.
A: I don't think so, in my opinion it won't be a sort of death match against friulani because I think there are some other teams that are currently in more desperate situation. The real problem for our team is that we aren't accustomed to such situations as Parma during recent years used to be one of top teams in Italy.
Q: It seems that Italian football experiences a number of difficulties. The Dortmund disaster for Milan is only the last proof of these problems. What do you think about the failure of Italian clubs in Europe?
A: Italian football has lost its power in this period and I've got my own opinion why it is so. I think Italian teams and Italian players undergo a great tension while they perform. They always think about the result and they usually forget the real aim of soccer: to enjoy the game. The other top championship teams play a good game trying to get a victory in every competition around Europe. This week I watched two games - Bayern-Real and Dortmund-Milan. As to Bayern Hitzfield side possess strong psychological skills, they always think that they've time to recover even if they lose. Dortmund impressed me as to the quality of game. Italian teams must ponder about players like Amoroso who left Serie A too early and build up technical projects before firing coaches and selling players in such a quick way.
Q: Let's continue with the upcoming round of Italian league: do you think that Inter will go to win the Italian championship?
A: I think so but today they have to face difficulties against Atalanta. This type of games are tough because smaller teams in the close season need some points to achieve their objectives. But Inter is a strong team; may be they do not play the best football one can imagine but they have got strong desire to win "scudetto".
Q: Roma travel to Venice without Totti: do you think this fact will be decisive for the giallorossi?
A: Roma have great squad and Capello can find other solutions to replace Totti. In the match against Venezia they will gain three points without any problems, but anyway they won't win the title in spite of the fact they have a better team in comparison with Inter. Inter are currently three points clear and it is a big handicap at the end of the season.
Q: Juventus play against Perugia, the team that deprived Juve of "scudetto" in 2000.
A: I'm sorry for Juventus but I should say that was one of the best days in my life as I was in Lazio and we won the title because of Juve's slip. I think that the moment arrives for Juve to think about the future but I hope they will let Lippi continue building of the new team. In Italy they do not give you enough time and when you lose three games in a row you've already faced problems and they are ready to sack you.
Q: An interesting tie Brescia-Verona also awaits us.
A: I agree that it is an interesting game and I will support Verona because of my former coach Alberto Malesani. They currently experience some problems as they won one game out of last 7.
Q: World Cup kicks off on May 31, will you be the part of Argentina's team?
A: According to what Bielsa (Argentina coach) said to me I will be included in the list of 23 but I don't know whether I'll play or not. This will be my fourth World Cup in a row, the decisive one and I would like to end my international career winning a title. Argentina nowadays is one of the strongest teams, we have a lot of talented players and skills to oppose our rivals.
Q: And what about Italy?
A: Trapattoni's side also have a lot of talents. I wish we face them in the final game and get a victory, of course. I think it is possible as I have looked through the schedule and I must say that Italy will not face strong teams till quarterfinal stage.
Q: At last we want to know your opinion about the next generation of Argentinean talents.
A: Everyone talks about D'Alessandro but I advice to follow after Maximilian Rodriguez, 20 years old talent of Newell's Old Boys, as well as Ponzio performing in the same team. But my favourite young player is Cavenaghi from River Plate. You'll hear about him soon

-->taken from dailysoccer.com
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