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Mourinho & Cassano!!
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Interview with Javier Zanetti
From Diario-Ole
Translated by Humbird http://www.xtratime.org/forum/showthread.php?p=3935022#post3935022

Q. Do you tell your wife, Paula that between June and July you will be occupied or that she should look for a vacation spot?

A. She goes with me everywhere, there are not problems, she came with me to France, Japan and will go to Germany because I feel I belong with the NT. More than that, they make me feel I belong.

Q. Was it a bad sign you were left off the team for Croatia?

A. No. Jose had the right to look for variations more than ever because it was the last friendly before he makes the final list. I’m calm about it because when I play for the NT I am useful and I hope to continue. I have played a lot for Pekerman.

Q. In other positions there no tests, everyone is permanent except you and Saviola.

A. I played for Passarella, continued with Bielsa, and I will continue with Jose. If I do well for my club I will be in Germany.

Q. So you are not panicking?

A. I know how the NT is managed. For my part I only try to do well playing for Inter where I feel great. Since I recovered from the injury I have not missed a match and I continue at a high level.

Q. IN Argentina there are those who doubt your presence.

A. That is normal. A few months before a world cup they always shuffle names around, it is part of the game. The reporters mention names. I will continue being calm, I feel part of the national team.

Q. Has the time passed where you would have liked to get certain reporters in an elevator?

A. Yes, Everyone understands football in his own way. I respect the critics and they even help if they are constructive, but I don’t tolerate bad intentions.

Q. If you feel anxious would you disconnect your internet?

A. Nothing I read in a newspaper or hear in the radio changes my opinion. I am confident of what I can give.

Q. Do you think that here the fans value you as much as there?

A. It could be that I am more recognized in Italy but I have been here for 11 years. In Argentina I was seen more with Banfield and the national team, but in Milan or Buenos Aires, the fans are always good.

Q. What is it like to be Zanetti in the streets of Milan?

A. When I am recognized in the streets they say to me in Italian: “Hello Captain” which makes me proud.

Q. What surprised you most in your first days with the club?

A. When I first arrived Bergomi, the captain said to me: “Zanetti, tomorrow we are going to a party, what do you ask for?” I didn’t understand anything, but it was that you could select a prize. Obviously I didn’t ask for anything. At the end they gave me a television and some stereo equipment. I couldn’t believe it. When I arrived at home, my father looked at me as if I had robbed someone. Just recently, I was talking with Recoba who has been here nine years and he said to me “the quantity of players we have seen….”

Q. How did you survive?

A. The professionalism of the Argentinian player is valuable. I was always on good terms with the management and with the fans.

Q. Do you want to be president?

A. I am fine, I have a contract until 2010 and when I retire I’m sure I will continue here. Although I don’t know how. I only confirm that I don’t want to coach.

Q. Why?

A. I don’t like it. I would prefer to do something more social, like Moratti’s wife is the face of the Foundation in Italy.

Q. Do you change diapers?

A. Yes I do everything with my 9 month old daughter Sol. I hope that she will accompany me to Germany.

Q. Do you have a wish to play for one of the big teams in Argentina?

A. It would be nice because I went from Banfield to Inter.

Q. Passarella is at River and El Cholo at Racing.

A. Yes, Daniel was the first to call me up for the national team. And el Cholo is a friend who was born to coach. But now I have other objectives.

Q. Do you talk about it with other Argentinians.

A. Yes. Cambiasso and Burdisso. We drink mate and talk about the world cut, but also about Inter in the champion’s league. Today it is Villarreal…

Q. Riquelme.

A. He plays very well for his team, the same with Messi.

Q. It is always better when they play for the same team as you.

A. Certainly. I hope that will happen in the world cup because I will not lie, I dream about playing my third world cup.

Nasty Woman
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What a great translation! :D

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how could people in argentina doubt his precense and stuff... i mean, he surely is one of the best rightback in the world, in my eyes the best :D... and also, its a shame that Sorin is the captain, Zanetti should be ahead of him, but still the captian should be Ayala i think, as hes more of a leader then both sorin and Zanetti

Forza Zanetti

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Please Zanetti, just leave Inter, leave today and win something, just leave and dont look behind. You dont deserve to play with moneywh*res like Adriano, you deserve so much more.
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