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-Felipe, it seems to me that this is your 5° season in Udinese...
Right, 5 years where i've learnt so much and i'm growing up like a player and like a man.

- You're went here when u were 15 years old, when you were a little child...
I went in Italy when i was a child,at the beginning i hade more problems because i was so far away from my family in one country where i didn't know even the language, then i've knew nice people and was ok.

-Then u played for all the youth teams here: Allievi,Primavera and finally the first team...
Telling the truth i've never played for the Allievi, i only had trainings with them but i've started to play with the Primavera and then 3 years ago finally to training with the first team.

-Indeen seems so far away when u have debuted against Chievo Verona 2 years ago, what do remeber that moment?
Well we've lost 3-0 not a great moment,but for me was a magic moment,unique, i've debuted in Serie A that i was 17 years old it was a great emotion for sure!

-Since 2 years you are on the squad, it is a satisfactional moment...
I was able to play more games and this gave me also the possibility to make me know like a player and to play against some of the best team of the World.

-This season since Kroldrup got injured you have already played 14 games and you have even scored 1 goal...
For sure i'm sorry for Per's injury but this gave me the possibility to play and to make more experience, and also the satisfacion to score against Lecce in Coppa Italia.

Last year in one interview u said your idol is Paolo Madini, so how was play agaisnt him?
Well, to play after 20 years at his levels and always on the same team it is a great thing, then i have to make a comparison: I'm 20 years old, him have 20 years of carrer, i hope to become like him!

-In conclusion,tell us what is your dream...
First is to continue to play good and to make experience and to become starter.Then like all the players the dream is the National Team.

...i've cutted some parts of the interview btw... and sorry for my english( well will be only me to read this interview i guess btw:howler: )

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I read it. I'll try to make more of an effort to watch some Udinese games so I can contribute to this forum. It is hard though as I only can get four games and I can't watch all of them and very rarely there is an Udinese game. I will however with some luck be able to watch this weeks game though.

Just to let you kow there is a thread in the Italian Cups and Leagues section about "Canadians in Italy?????" that I started. It would be great if you could provide any information you have available to you and to keep your ears open for those names.
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