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Inter's transfer policy...

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When you stole Brocchi for us I said "Damn Moratti,he will now buy 10 argentinians and the kid will be wasted".Then,you stole Farinos from Milan and I thought "Hmm...maybe Morratti has changed! maybe he finally realised that advertised Supertars dont make a team.".But later Morrati confirmed that I was wrong,Hakan Sukur???!!!!???? he is not a bad player but he is 30 years old and definitely not something REALLY special.Moreover,his playing style and body are not only similar to Vieri,but EXACTLY the same.I think that Sukur will do good when Vieri is not playing.When they play together I think they will both have hard time....

PS.Stop whining about Farinos,he is an exelent young player...wait and see! Parma lost on him twice and I'm telling you,the kid is really special!
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Is Brocchi in Inter already??I thought the deal had gotten stuck somewhere.Anyway,Sukur isn't exactly the player i expected Inter to buy,I'd prefer to play Mutu upfront.But since the deal is already completed,we should just wait and see how he performs during the opening games.About Farinos,I didn't really see anything special about him during his time at Valencia.He is however a hard worker and can make good passes.He'll be a good addition to the team.Since we bought him at a very high price,I hope he is reallyy special...

Brochi is almost in our hands, but I dont think that Farinos will start next season.....
You will soon find out!
Farinós is a great young player who will replace Cauet in the starting line up next season. I smell nr. 8 on his jersey. Jugovic gotta leave.
I will agree Jugovic/Moriero should leave..
excuse me, but if anyone noticed, everyone knows sukur is not special....that's why we didn't buy him.....we just signed as a free agent player.....and if u think pirlo/recoba, zamorano, and mutu isnot good with R9 and V32 starting, then maybe u should go back to your dreamcast.....
maybe you don't like this new but i have to say...

You have to pay some money for Hakan Sukur...because Turkey is not an EU Member and Bosman Rule is not valid for Hakan...
How will FIFA decide the exact fee?
Hakan earned $2,6 million alst year
He's 29 years old so:Age Coefficient is 6
He's a national team,add %20

So many of you may think he's not a special player but you have to pay $18,72 M for him.

If your president bargains well you may pay less...
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We didn't need Farinos Amo......just look at Brocchi and you have aplayer as good as him.

Moratti is constantly caught up in fads. Whoever is the big player or media darling every summer he wants to buy them Moratti is definately not th emost intelligent president around.
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