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Ok, im a 15 year kid stuck in a country better known as the 'ass of the world', I couldnt be any further away from the action, we get the worst television coverage of Serie A you could ever imagine, we normally get one or two matches which are normally Juve and Milan matches.

So, what makes me love this club so much?

Well...I'll tell you about my love affair with the blue and black...

It all started off in '98, one week into the world cup, my dad told me I was a real jack-ass for not following the greatest festival the world had ever seen, I was a crazy NBA and AFL (Australian Rules) fan, and didnt really have much love for the world game, I seriously didnt even know who on earth Ronaldo was. After a while, I started following the sport, and like any other 9 year-old, I basically followed the every movement of the big names, the big name I was attached to right away was Ronaldo, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Well, lets just say that being an Inter Milan fan is a real test of love and loyalty, the expectation of victory, which is then followed by the usual dissapointment is just a real test of a human beings character. To have seen us blow it at the Olimpico a few years back has got to be the most heart-breaking experience I have ever had in my life. I felt, gutted, over-whelmed, and just.....dissapointed. I couldn't sleep for a week, I was seriously in one hell of a depression you just can't imagine. To see Ronaldo leave after such a great world-cup just made me that much more pissed off about the whole situation. But there I was about 10 months later going for Torino against Juventus in a last oppurtunity for Inter Milan to make up some ground, but of course, as the story goes, it was only more dissapointment.

Then, to see stupid mistake after stupid mistake by our management, especially the selling of Cannavaro, well, it just kills you.

But, I would rather die with the love and loyalty of the magnificent Inter Milan than die a hollow man with no love.

So, I say this to Inter Milan, as much as you hurt me, as much as you make me cry, as much as you make my heart burn, you're still always going to be the one and only.

I see us in the future,
walking hand in hand towards our destiny.
You're leading the way, forging a path.
You turn to make sure i'm keeping up with you.

What was once a dreary promenade of turmoil
has become a clear, direct route
connecting our hearts with a shared vein,
our blood begins to boil.

So much love in this lifetime
that means nothing to us now...
Only love for each other, and love for the journey,
the destination means nothing, somehow.

I love you Inter

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It was the summer of '99, I was in the middle of playing a game a football with my friends at the local playing field when we stopped for a breather and starter talking about stuff. (At this time I followed Man U, dont hurt me. I didn't know better) We were talking about the summers transfer's and a number of other stuff (a play-by-mail fantasy football service) and that Vieri has moved to Inter, it was at this point that it struck me that for years I have been subjected to so much EPL biasism. With my mum and her family being Italian (hailing from Piacenza), I thought I would go to my roots and support an Italian team. So I was looking at teams to support and I fell in love with the Nerazzurri and from that day I have never looked back. Dispite the failure we have, there is nothing better than being Inter. Our history and the contreversy we have had, nothing beats the feels of one day capturing our 14th lo scudetto and when we do it will be ever so bitter sweet. I even got the pleasure of seeing Inter in the summer in a friendly against Bolton at the Reebok stadium in Bolton, it was such a huge and heart warming occasion for me. I am next planning to see by beloved Inter at the San Siro in 2005.

In conclusion, Inter is my life and I wouldnt swap it for anything.

Cut me and I will bleed black and blue.

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An old quote of mine from another thread in this forum:

Razman said:
D) How you started following Inter
Well, it actually started with a game called Sensible Soccer on Amiga (Very old computer back in the early 90's). I was too young to support any foreign teams back then so as I was going through the clubs I happened to randomly choose Inter to start my career. Then I started choosing them in all soccer games from FIFA to Winning Eleven until one day in 1997 I decided I had to check the team out in real life. I asked my cousin (Who is one of the biggest football freaks in the world) about them and he happened to know all about them telling me about the history, the team, the championships etc..

E) Who is your favorite player
Javier Zanetti, I fell in love with him the instant I saw him playing in the UEFA Cup back in 97.

F) How much of a fan are you, do you watch games, follow online, etc?
I started watching all the matches live since 99 and I just cant wait for tomorrow For the preliminaries, As soon as I knew they were broadcasting on the European Satellite Hotbird, I got it without hesitation. Now this is something big because most of the channels contain a lot of adult contents which is pretty much forbidden in my house (As well as most of the Arabs in UAE). Anyways I talked to my dad and told him all about it and was happy when he agreed. Now that the prelims are over, I've disconnected the satellite . That's how far I would go for Inter.

G) Do you prefer: Scudetto, Italian Cup, Trofeo Tim, or Champs League?
CL! JZ deserves to be on top of Europe and we all know it. I hope we win it before its too late for Capitano

H) What about Inter inspires you
To be honest, it can't be put in words. Everything about inter inspires me. The colors, the stadium, the fans, the players, the passion, the determination, the suffering and the list goes on and on.

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Inter is a incredible team, Interista loves the club more than his own mother and life itself and he is just a fan since 99.
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