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inter want sol campbell!!

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inter joins the race to sign the english international sol campbell from tottenham,rumours sais they are alredy in talks and spurs could be ready to sell him to the milan club
great news,campbell is the one....
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Campbell would be a GREAT addition....he is going to turn 26 years old, one of the best defenders in the world, and INTER could maximize Blanc's energy by using him sparingly....imagine, if Blanc was used only sometimes, he would be in better condition, and more fresh when he would play....

if Moratti gets Campbell....they will have a set denfense for the next 7 years with Cordoba (age 23), Simic (age 24-25), Ferarri (age 21-22), and CAMPBELL!!!!!!

I think that United have already bought him...if not, go for him!
I have never been a big fan about the player, so I don´t want the player to join Inter. We have already Simic.
Hey Recoba, wake up and smell the odour (HA HA HA!!!)....sure Simic is a GOOD defender, but Campbell is in the elite class of defenders that includes players like Thuram, Nesta, Maldini, CAMPBELL, Desailly, Cordoba (in another year), Roberto Carlos, Stam, and so on....

i say that if INTER have a chance to get Campbell, then GET HIM, hope they don't waste this opportunity like they did with Roberto Carlos, and Inter should concentrate on Lizarazu (if Geo leaves) Campbell, and Baronio, NOT VERON!!!!
he would be a great buy but he might play bad in italy
What would happen if he'd sucked bad in inter and we bid so much for him thats what i'm scared of a flooped transfer
yeah, but we'd get a lot of value from re-selling him......anyways, simic is not a scudetto-class player.....
don't worry, he WON'T suck...a defender is very different from a midfielder/striker because in that position, the player must worry about scoring....for example, when Kluivert and Davids were at Milan, they were bad because they didn't have experience and they lacked ability to finish....now look at them....as for Campbell, he already has experience with England, and from what I know, he is one of the best defenders in the world, because of his tough tackling, man-marking, and winning & disciplined attitude......

he is not a baby like Veron.....GET IT!!!

It's likely Campbell will stay with Spurs next season.
Massimo Moratti isn't willing to pay around £13m for Campbell now, instead preferring to wait until his current deal expires, and he becomes a free agent.
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