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Inter vs Sassuolo

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That. How is the hangover?
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Certainly not a good performance so far
Unsurprisingly it's not looking very promising. Sub off some scrubs at HT perhaps?
Henrique all alone heads wide
I see Sassuolo can put in an effort and play although they have nothing to play for hmm.. unlike last season
Hardly played any football so far but resting players is still justified. The 2nd derby is hugely more important than tonight
Milan only rested Giroud but still lost at Spezia, so may be even with our best 11 we wouldn't be good tonight
Great save by Handa.
Correa should have scored that header. Nice cross Dimarco
Guess my shitty Internet is making me way behind lol

Yet to see Samir saving
God damn! Brilliant turn and strike from Lukaku!
Lukaku destroyed the ball. Great goal
Lukaku wide

Some improvement at least
Lol so we scored? Nice still waiting to see it 😆
Just saw the Samir save
Damn what a hit
No saving that, Cuntsigli
We haven't been good but have the lead.
Handa has actually been good.
Will watch the 2nd half on my phone as it doesn't buffer unlike tv
Haha Sassuolo playing like this is a CL final

Anyone who tells me that last season's last game wasn't fixed is a moron
Lukaku looking pretty good and bullying the Sassuolo defense.

The rest of the team? Not so much.

D'Ambrosio, Gagsy and Correa off at HT please.
21 - 40 of 86 Posts