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Inter vs Sassuolo

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That. How is the hangover?
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Big game. We can overtake Lazio after their slip vs Lecce.
Except for absolute bs of playing gags it's a ok lineup predicted:

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Not sure why Inzaghi hates Asllani. Maybe Inzaghi will throw him on at HT after Gagsy has cost us a couple of goals.
He somehow believes asllani can only play in the regista role. Must have blocked asllani scoring against him at San Siro from the meazala position from his mind.
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Milan's marking on the corner leading to Spezia's first goal was non existent

Burdisso in the stands btw. Spezia sporting director may be.

Anyhow a win v Sassuolo takes us to +5 on 5th with 3 matches left. Effectively CL would be assured if we win tonight. If. If we drop points we are still in top 4.

Results in Rome, Salerno and Spezia have been generous for us this round
Burdisso is fiorentina's technical director. So likely scouting someone.
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We haven't been good but have the lead.
Handa has actually been good.
Excellent start to the second half. Well played by the boys
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Ofc gags let's Henrique run totally unopposed and get a free header. Just stopped running...
Pretty awful the last 25 mins. But seems we did just enough.
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Great situation to be in for our "EL/Conference league/Intertoto Cup" boys.

+5 on 5th with 3 games to go. We can afford losing at Napoli and a draw too I believe, so effectively need 1 win to finish at least 4th. Hopefully we don't leave it to the last game like 2018 and 2019 though 😅 😬

5 league wins in a row. @Harasic17 is magic.
Actually +6 as we have the tie breaker vs milan & roma.
Milan or Roma pretty much need to win all 3 remaining games and hope Inter pick up no more then a max of 2 draws.

All this ofc may not matter if figc punishes gobbi with the expected 9 point penalty. Milan or roma need to insure they are within less then that from gobbi. Roma also has the path of winning the europa league.
Tressoldi with more goal contributions for us in 2023 than Correa.

Surely our worst ever signing
There is still joa Mario.
It depends if we end up getting anything for him.
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