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Inter spazio?????

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hey i am going to Milano and ia want to now every thing you now about the store: adress etc.
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San Siro Stadium
Via Piccolomini 5
Gate 22 Entrance
milano, 20151

Tel #024041702 or 024035816

From Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to12:45 and from 14:30 to 17:30

When will you be in milan,,I myself will be arriving in Rome July 30 for 3 weeks>
Trying to get to milan sometime after the 10 of August:
Thank you!!!!!!!!
29 jule. i am going to trye to see a game.1 august
Milan-real madrid,30 july Inter-Olympica Kuwait and 3 august it´s Inter -Bari-Juventus i think i am not shore. at least one match i want to see of thouse.
No problem: Around the 2 of august I will be in Benevento just a few hours from Bari my Father and I will be in Bari to the see Inter V-Bari/Juve for sure:
Isn´t that match (inter vs bari )in sansiro?????Is it Inter-Bari and Inter -Juve at the same day or what i don´t under stand
From what I read the in La Gazzetta was that the tournament took place in bari/I could be wrong. I thought Bari v-inter was in bari and then inter-v-Juve was at San Siro.
Where could we find out specifics< I would hate to show up at BARI and find no game>
Sorry for the confusion:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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