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Inter players in Euro 2000

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In New York City, I can't see any Euro 2000. For those of you more fortunate, please post a few comments about performances (or off-field news) of Inter players. Thanks.
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Well, I hear Adrian Ilie scored for Romania against Germany, so that can't be good for Mutu's chances to make the starting 11.
Ilie didn't score for Romania.A guy named Moldovan scored.Anyway,Mutu's chances of making it into the starting line-up is really bright because of the bad performances of the guy who scored the "goal".Mutu played in the game against Germany as a substitute for Hagi and didn't have much of the ball because of the bad passing by the Romanians.I hope Mutu gives his best and shines during Euro2000 knocking England outta the competition since they're in the same group.

As for Blanc,he scored a goal in France's 3-0 demolition of Denmark.Played brilliant as usual,enough said.
Sukur(is he an Interista or not?) played like crap against Italy.

Even before Euro 2000 I wouldnt like to see him in Inter.

Can someone tell me why Frey isnt the third goalie in french.
Hes young and he is the future.

Instead of Lama... Is he 50 something...

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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