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Inter wins: Vieri stays and Inter start building a team for CL. From Lazio they will try to get Salas and possibly Almeyda.

Parma: Buffon will go to Lazio, Crespo will probably go to Juventus as he wants to meet up with Ancelotti who he seems to be very fond of. Juve will also break backs to sign Canavarro and will succeed. Thuram will be signed by Milan.

This must be considered worst case scenario for Lazio and absolutely horrible to Parma.

But Lazio could also try and get Crespo from Parma and even Canavarro since I´m sure that Cragnotti would rather see Canvarro / Crespo in Aek Athen then in Juventus.

Parma wins: Parma will then renew contracts with Buffon, Canavarro and Thuram. I belive that no matter how things end up Crespo is gone. Won´t matter much to Parma since the money they´ll recive for Crespo will more then cover a new striker of similar class - we´ve all seen that the midfield is the most important part of the game: Lazio and Juve is proof.

Inter: This will be a major blow for Inter as they´ve spend some 120$ on transfers this season and they where stil not able to do better. Lippi goes bye bye and so will Vieri, Cauet, Sosa, Panucci, Georgatos, Peruzzi, Baggio, Moriero and if they are smart Seedorf. I belive that Inter will then buy Batigol and line him up with Salas and Recoba, Bam Bam will be a bench player.

This could be the turning point for Inter and the season of smart shopping. Vieri could be swapped for Salas and Almeyda which would be a superdeal for Inter no matter how you look at it. Frey ( one of the biggest goali talents I have ever seen ) would be eased into a team which would have less pressure then this years outfit.

Moratti millions and smart shopping could mean that Inter are ready for Lo Scudetto for next season - but only if they loose :)

This is not a good scenario for Lazio since it means we will spend huge amounts on Vieri and that´s sucicide.

Best for Lazio: Keep Salas and Almeyda. Look at the market for a striker that would be willing to compete for the 4th position. Look at how things are with Jardel if he would come at a good price. Sign Laursen as a player that would take over after Miha and look at the possibilities to snatch Toldo.

Lazio doesn´t need Vieri but we don´t need Juve to buy Crespo, Canavarro. Neither do we want to see Buffon in Lazio for a stupendous amount of money. What we do want to see is Batigol in Roma for 35$ and a player + 5$ a year salary ?!? :) :) :) that´s shooting yourself in the foot.

if crespo goes no matter what tonites outcome and we´re obviously willing to pay silly amount of money for vieri; ref previous posts. wouldn´t it be tasty to redirect this money as well as throwing a wrench in juves campaign and try to snatch crespo?

additional plus is crespo linking up with veron again. that´s almost a dreamteam offensive line. as a well as there would be no chance of pippo coming to us in late shopping. thank god for that. to sumarise, by buying crespo we create a great offensive line, stop pippo from becoming surplus, thus insures he won´t come to us. good move.


it could be worse

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Hehe svennis.

I'm beginning to think You've thought as much (and as long :9) as I have about this game.

I don't think we'll succed in getting Cannavaro though. I know for a fact that Juve will try, but at this hour I find it very unlikely that Parma will sell Crespo, Buffon and Cannavaro at the same time. That would mean saying goodbye to Thuram as well, as he made it clear that he was only staying with Parma as long as they could win. All 4 of them out- it wouldn't matter who they brought in. Parma would be nighty-night for the next two seasons (at least in terms of topflight positions).
Buffon can be replaced. Goalkeepers is not the most important position as Lazio has showed this season, and eventhough Crespo is awesome they can find similar qualities in other strikers (and propably cheaper as well). Thuram-Cannavaro is the rock Parma must build on, and subsequently I think we won't succed in getting Cannavaro. Crespo however... we're favourites for that one.

N.B If Parma lose.. I have no idea how we stand :(, but considering the outside chance that we will succed in getting both Parma objectives.. we would be pretty scary wouldn't we :).


Indeed Svennis!

You must be studying Philosophy to come up with so many scenarios?!?

How are you on JFK assassination theories!?!

Seriously, though at this stage I wouldn't dig to deep into these possibilities. Because in Italy these stories virtually always have no firm base; it's the only way the sports newspapers like the Gazzetta and the Corrierre Dello Sport keep their circulation up.

I'd still like to see Batigol in Lazio colours though.


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I know most of you are addicted to Vieri and will stay so forever. Still I can't understand why Lazio should have him back with that price tag. Like today, 30 minutes not really deadly, then injured AGAIN and once again paid for not playing. That is not enough, not enough for all these millions PLUS Almeyda and on top of that Salas...no, just not enough.

Also I can't understand why Vieri is seen as the ultimate Laziale by so many. I mean he was here for ONE year (an not playing the whole year, not even close). That is as un-ultimate Laziale as it can get.

Salas & Almeyda & millions for a player in action 15 games a year is a joke in my book. Even if he hammers everything down in that 15 games. Which today's 30 minutes did not indicate.

Running a lax ship
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Svennis, now, after we know the outcome of the game, come out with a scenario update pls...

Meanwhile, 24 hours of Batisaga:

Batistuta left his Florence home yesterday passing through a group of Fiorentina fans who were asking him not to leave the club. He stopped and opened his (chauffeur driven) car window to swipe T shirt from a boy. On it there was a picture of him holding Cecchi Gori's head in his hand.

Gabriel Batistuta arrived late to Malpensa airport forcing the plane to take off late.

Meanwhile in Rome: Cragnotti, "I let him to A.S. Roma'

Lazio quit Gabriel Batistuta's chase. "I know that He is in dealing with Roma - said Lazio's president Cragnotti - So there is no point in looking on for him". The player seems committed to Rome, but he's probably still waiting for the Champions League playoff result before taking a decision.

BATISTUTA alla Roma: domani l'annuncio

Settimio Aloisio, manager dell'attaccante della Fiorentina, Batistuta, ha dichiarato 'E' fatta con la Roma al 100 percento. Anche se sul contratto manca la firma'. L'annuncio ufficiale del trasferimento sarà dato domani.

But today: BUENOS AIRES, May 24 (Reuters) - Argentine striker Gabriel Batistuta said on Wednesday he had agreed on a move to AS Roma but had yet to sign a contract.
"Nothing's been signed yet so I can't make an official announcement concerning my move to Roma," he told reporters on arrival at Buenos Aires international airport from Italy.
"We've reached an agreement but we still have to work out some details and up to now nothing's been signed."

The 31-year-old, who has been with Italian Serie A side Fiorentina for nine years and is Argentina's record goal scorer, said Roma had made him the best offer.

Inter Milan, who qualified for next season's Champions League in a playoff on Tuesday, and new Italian champions Lazio, Roma's city rivals, had also sought him.

Still: Batistuta's agent Settimio Aloisio, who met Roma officials on Tuesday night, said the move was a done deal.

"I spoke with (AS Roma president Franco) Sensi and I can say it (the transfer) is 100 percent certain. We just need to resolve technical details," Aloisio said.

No financial details were given but Italian newspapers have reported that Batistuta would join Roma for 70 billion lire ($32.75 million).

Batistuta returned to South America to join the national team for a 2002 World Cup qualifier match against Bolivia at Buenos Aires' River Plate stadium on June 4.
"Things are coming along well. We need to clear up details in the fine print and that's all that is missing," he said, adding he was "tired of playing for nothing important."

He has stayed with Fiorentina through good and bad times, including their relegation to Serie B in 1993, and was voted best foreign player in Serie A last season.

"Batigol" joined Fiorentina from Buenos Aires side Boca Juniors in 1991 for $2.3 million and the people of Florence erected a statue in his honour three years ago.

The striker has scored 168 goals in 269 league appearances for the Florentines, breaking the club-scoring record set by Swede Kurt Hamrin in the 1950s.

"If I'm prepared to play for Roma it's because they've convinced me they have a serious project in the short term. They are probably going to continue buying players but I don't want to speak on the team manager's behalf," Batistuta said.

News of the transfer boosted AS Roma stock on the Milan bourse on Wednesday. Shares were up 1.25 percent at 5.75 euros after closing at 5.679 euros after their debut Tuesday.
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