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Mourinho & Cassano!!
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As told on his PC version of UEFA Champions League 2004-2005. I will make this into a story and tell it all.

Mourinho & Cassano!!
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Drawn into Group G with Anderlecht, Barcelona, Bayern Munich

Mourinho & Cassano!!
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Tactics: Attacking, with Long Passes
Pressing Defense

Vieri takes the Free Kicks, Penalties and JZ is Captain
Stankovic/Veron handle the corners.

Offside Trap is on



---JZ---------Cordoba---------Matrix--------------Ze Maria---

Thats my starting lineup. Stankovic is rated low as a 75. Vieri/Adri , 91-92. Karagounis 90 so I put him in. Emre is 84, but better than Kily/VDM at high 70s and underrated Cambiasso and CZ at 70.


Mourinho & Cassano!!
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Thanks, I should add my subs are:


And CZ and the rest of the reserves I won't worry about. CZ is rated lower than Cambi, so I put Cambi in the subs...not that I will use subs anyways :D

and by the way i'm not playing like no cheapo this is PRO Difficulty which I find hard and as I move along I might move to WOrld Class we will see

Player ratings after each game and stats...will be provided by me

Mourinho & Cassano!!
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One second and I will post all player ratings and all groups and teams...:D

Note: To the FMS and all please let me keept this thread here b/c I don't intend this to be a Videogames discussion but rather an inter related one thanks

Mourinho & Cassano!!
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A: Arsenal, PSG, Shaktar, Deportivo
B: Real, Roma, Bayer Lev., Panatnanikos
C: Ajax, AC Milan, Werder Bremen, Tel-Aviv
D: Man Utd, Dynamo Kiev, CSKA, Monaco
E: Liverpool, Eindoven, Rosenborg, Sparta Prague
F: Juventus, Valencia, Celtic, Fenerbache
G: Inter, Barcelona, Anderlecht, Bayern Munich
H: Porto, Lyon, Chelsea, Olympikaos

Initial Impressions:

A: Asrneal and Deportivo easy
B: Killer Group 1: Probably Real and Roma (forgetting what happened to Roma this year)
C: AC milan and toss up b/t Werder and Ajax
D: man Utd and hard to say..i wnat to say monaco but maybe not
E: Liverpoool and tossup
F: Juve and Valencia
G: KILLER GROUP MEGA BOOM BANG Inter and Barca tho...Anderlecht no match and Bayern too bad maybe next year
H: Porto/Chelsea, but wathc out for Lyon

Mourinho & Cassano!!
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First game(s) will be played soon, probably tomorrow!

Barcelona vs. Inter!

Real and Roma tied 1-1 so far
Deportivo and Arsenal tied 1-1
Valencia Juve tied 1-1
Milan beat Bremen 1-0
upset Fernerbache over Celtci 1-0

That's all thats notable. I will let you know the result and post game tomorrow or maybe later tonight. ADIOS

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forza INTER... :D

Mourinho & Cassano!!
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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its like the first few minutes....and I'm pissed...JZ just got snet off....basically a guy got onto my wing and penetrated so JZ came up and took him down not even harshly basically pulled him down but because there was no one in the middle of the pitch, I had thought there was, we "technically" qualified as a last man...so I got a red card for JZ...that is BS....last man BS

AHHHHHH..and veron got taken down in the box after a nice vieri through ball but nO CALL!!

Barcelona operating at free will- Excellent savses by Toldo, positioning by Matrix, and tackles by Cordoba to save me...scoreless in 2nd half....Vieri not much of a factor in the game b/c he is all alone up front..might have to sub in Martins soon for Ze Maria and switch to a 3 man backline..

Mourinho & Cassano!!
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Final Score 0-0 I was trying to make it out with a point, b/c of JZ's antics...After the game JZ told us that we are on the right path to glory and that the team will do better in the future

Barcelona 6 shots - 3 on goal....Inter 1 shot 0 on goal
Barcelona 10 tackles, 2 corners...Inter 18 tackles, 0 corners
Possessoin 73-27 in favor of Barca

1 offsides for Barcelona, 0 fouls...3 fouls for myself, 1 booking

TOldo was MOM man of match

Bayern beat up Anderlecht 1-0
Chelsea 2 Porto 1
Ajax Bremen 1-1
Bayer 0-0 with REal

Mourinho & Cassano!!
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8:24 into my match with Bayern

Emre crosses the half line with a beautiful through ball to Vieri who fakes the inside move and comes away open on the wide flank...he crosses for Adirano who heads.....CLANK! THe POST! NOOOOOOOO

Veron moves the play up and passes..vieri shoots from distance..ohh wide by feet

Veron again who passes to Vieri...once again an inside fake out and wide open on the flank. Pinpoint cross to Adriano who heads- Ahhh OVER THE BAR

Good save on Karagounis shot....davids foul leads to FK which rattles my bar! WHEW

OMG...i swear on my life...vieri passes to adirano and he hits the woodwork again with a kick...OMG
Makaay scores...

Adriano and Vieri run into each other in the box...ball falls to Emre and he fires from 30 yds just wide of right post

YEs...its just that day guys i'm sorry

Man this is heartbreaking

Vieri passes to Veron in the box and he is fouled

Vieri shoots the PK down the middle and its blocked

and i cry

Mourinho & Cassano!!
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Final Score 1-0 and Inter's chances to progress are severlly in danger

8 shots on goal for Inter, 0 on target
4 shots on goal for Bayern, 1 on target

94 percent passing Bayern
68 for Inter

Possesion heavily favored by Bayern
More tackles by Inter

Bayer Lev ties Roma

Ajax beats Milan1

Mourinho & Cassano!!
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Adriano crosses, Vieri's close ranger saved


BOBO takes up a long ball, attracts only defender, Adriano running down teh middle, wide open, VIeir passes and Adirano shoots




This time Vieri takes on a long ball goes into the box and shoots from closer range...OFF THE BAR



Vieri pulls a Beckham and fires high above the bar from 3 yds out

Screwup by Cordoba.....Toldo comes out..off the post! YES

Forward in the box, Toldo comes out to rush him, and he fires just wide of the post



After a Vieri header off a corner that got deflected out by the GK for another corner, the corner comes in and is headed out...Davids gets teh rebound and dribbles in 20 yds and shoots from 20 yds out....deflected and Adriaon beats the offside and taps it in with an outstreched leg



Cordoba and Matrix playing hide-and-go-seek in the PK box while the other team is attacking

Aruna scores, now 3-1

Vieri shoots and comes off the bar...Vieri is typical VIeri so clsoe but no cigar

Adriano takes on two defenders at once and is taken down by Kompany





Mourinho & Cassano!!
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3-1 Inter over Anderlecht

4-2 shots/target
10-6 shots/target

of course 10-6 is inter

inter had less possession by 30 % but they had more tackles

Mourinho & Cassano!!
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hh yeah I should add Milan beat Ajax in the latest game

Bayer over Roma 2 nil

Adriano was MOM for the second game

and kily gonzalez took over for Jz when he was suspended for the bayern game

Here's the latest table

A: Deportvio/Arsenal running away
B: Roma/Real with 8 pts each, Bayer with 5
C: Milan and ajax on their way in group c, tel aviv close but no cigar
D: man utd/monaco running away
E: LIverpool and rosenborg running away, but not by as much
F: Juvetnus and Valencia running away
H: Chelsea nad Lyon..suprise, surprise: PORTO last place


Bayern Munich 3-0-1 9 pts
Barcelona 1-2-1 5 pts
INter MIlan 1-1-1 4 pts
Anderlecht 0-1-2 1 pt

Anderlecht and I still got one game to go to catch up to the 4 games that barca/bayern played

I espect to be in 2nd place by the end of tomorow
wen Anderlecht-Inter will go down again

Adriano only scorer on my team with 3 goals
2 conceded

Now time to drink


Mourinho & Cassano!!
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Ok OK Ok


Anderlecht's Aruna with an early shot in our box, TOldo saves from close range

Then Vieri passes a through ball to Adriano who can't get a shot off in the box from 5 yds.....rebound falls to Vieri who swings widly but misses as well

VIeri long ball to Adriano who moves to the flank and has a wide open Vieri in the middle...an attempt at a long ball and definite goal is blocked by 1 of the 2 men on Adriano

Davids booked for a behind the legs tackle on a player

Adriano pass to Vieri....who shoots from distance, 40 yds...off a defender and a corner kick

Corner wildly hits the other touchline, bad Veron, bad...we might have to send you back to the mad Russian

Foul by JZ from behind, obvious yellow card

JZ with a world class internvetion in the box, beautiful tackle to save a goal....

Vieri shoots off a defender once again from distance

Vieri gets fouled just as he is going to cross into the box for an open Adriano....

Vieri takes FK and misses widly


Will substitute Recoba in for Veron as the playmaker behind the 2 forwards...sometimes Veron's lack of pace pisses me off as he can't tackle well and he is so slow in the game and slows down quick counterattacks that I want to pull off......lets hope Recoba does well, if he does, then I have a new STARTER (hehe, Faisal)

Javier Zanetti with another timely box intervention..man of the match if not for his yellow....

Close range shot blocked by Toldo

No result from the resulting corner but it leads to a quick counterattack by Vieri who moves from box to box and finally runs into some defenders..he lays it off to a Karagounis running on the flank who waits and crosses it in for a Vieri header to be saved comfortably...or actually that was a pretty good save and catch

Vieri just an extra hustle away from a goal...I think this could spell the end of Veron's days in the CL, as Recoba is heading up my attack at a new pace that is even surprising me...Its a three pronged attack with Recoba hustling down the middle flanked by Vieri/Adriano on either side..

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh 80 min and TOldo saves...but more importantly, Recoba passes to Vieri and he is bumped down 2 yds from the box......NO FOULLLL

what is going on here is moggi running the show??????


Recoba latches onto a long ball and pases to Vieri who only has to direct it in and nooooooo WAY OVER THE BAR
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