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This will be the most important match of the season as you all know.
This is how parma should play in my point of view.


________Sartor____Thuram___F. Cannavaro______




Subs: Guardalben, Lassissi, Sousa, Dabo,
Di Vaio, Walem, Vanoli

Maby Breda will make it on the bench if someone gets injured.

Ortega, Longo, Maini, Micillo, Montano and P. Cannavaro should not feature.

Ofcource Torrissi and Boghossian have long-term injuries.

This is what i think about the match tell me what you think!

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I agree on your line up although I would play Amoroso as an offencive midfielder and Stanic as a forward.

Bennarivo or Vanoli?
Baggio or Dabo?

Any given Sunday,you either win or loose.That's FOOTBALL...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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