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The good thing about the draw today is that we will continue to hunt Juve whitch I think suits us better. If we would have won today I think the hysteria would have been total about us winning "lo scudetto".

After all if we look at the matches left I thin we only have one tricky match, Piacenza away. after that we have the two home games against Venezia and Reggina and Bologna away wich I think we will win.

If we win all matches (wich I think we have to) all Juve has to do is to draw one match!!
how about Juve-Parma 2-2?

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Come on, we really had to win this afternoon! Yes, we're still hunting Juve because of this draw, but if they win tomorrow, the difference will be 5 points instead of 2! And, I'm sorry, I really don't think that will suit us better!
What would have been wrong with a victory this afternoon? Hysteric, my a**! I would have called it hapiness myself!

Piacenza away, the only tricky game? Have you taken a look at the Serie A standings recently? Don't think so... Just do so and you won't find Piacenza anywhere near us!
Did you forget all about the fact that Venezia beat us in January? If you ask me, Bologna away is the most difficult game...

The difference is two points right now. IF we would win the next 4 games and Juve would win 4 and draw 1, Juve would still be number one with a difference of three points! So, what the hell are you talking about??

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Relax man!! Ofcourse we needed a win today, belive me I couldn´t belive my ears when batigol scored! All I´m saying is that we have to look on the bright side. Piazenca is a difficult game beacouse they are out of the serie A and can play totally relaxed while we have to win it. Bologna is hard game but Venezia?!! Come on, we crushed them in the cup 5-0 and their away statistics are the worst in serie A, haven´t won a game.

I was counting on that juve was going to loose tomorow night...

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I'd go with Lazia, as always :)

Your topic is crap!

Like you mentioned in your last sentence:
"If we win all matches (wich I think we have to) all Juve has to do is to draw one match!".
Dont you think the hysteria will be greater then!!??

You were counting that Juve was going to lose?
Well, dont count on it, hope for it!!

Please.....Think before writing this!!

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Hopefully Inter takes 3 points tomorrow but then again, our luck hasn't been with us so many times this season.

I wouldn't be suprised if I it ends

Inter - Juve 0-1 ( 0-0)

goal: Scuba Inzaghi 96'
corners 17-1 to Inter
dives in the penaly area: 12 by Inzaghi
gift from referees: 2-19 to Juve


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I agree with Lazia, to a point.

I hope I'm wrong, but I think Juve loses in a close match tomorrow night (tomorrow afternoon for me). That leaves us two points ahead of you.

Looking at the remaining games for each team, your toughest one is Bologna, but I think you can win out - that is, win your next four games.

Looking at our remaining games, I think we draw with Parma. They are playing well. That puts us even. I think we win our two away games (I hope). We're still even.

I therefore believe that the key to the scudetto is Juve vs. Fiorentina. Juve wins, we go to a one game playoff on a neutral ground for the scudetto; Juve draws or loses, it's yours, and well deserved.

We'll see.

Good luck.


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