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Not really a success again these awards :D ....maybe for the next month we should think about a better way to make it.

Anyway I counted the votes, it wasn't so difficult, they were very a few.......;)

Here are the results!

Categories and winners:

What is the best post of the March month?

Milan-Inter by Jimmy

What was the funniest post?

Which match are you scared from? by Ammar

What was the worst post?

IF Ronaldo fails.... by Rasmus
Bad play = 3 points... by Rasmus

Hej Ramsus the people didn't like your posts so much! :D

Best new poster that came during the March month?

- Raad
- Nas4Barca

Most intelligent post?

Bye Bye Zebra by aQuaiSm

Who was the best poster during this month?


The most missed poster this month?

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