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Just wondering if anyone got Football Manager 09 and how do you guys do with INTER. I just finished half season with 15 wins 3 draw and 1 lost. Roma and Udinese did exceptionally just 2 points behind,I play like Mourinho with 4-3-3 in a compact style, in CL last 16 to face Shalke and just got knocked out of Coppa by Napoli...
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I don't play FM much, but I tried out Chateauroux in FM 2005 and won promotion right at the death. :proud: I used the economical transfer policy of Inter in recent years to get experienced players to lead the team. One name in particular: Laurent Peyrelade, born in 1970. :proud: LEGEND! Just like me. :proud:

As for Inter, I played the f**k out of CM 2000/2001 for several seasons. Generally played a 3-4-1-2 with Pirlo as the playmaker (he's amazing in that position) and Recoba as striker (also bloody amazing). I also bought Samuel right at the start, Veron who was very good, Ibrahimovic :proud: and Cambiasso :proud: who I was a fan of even back then :star:. Who'd know that all these guys would come to Inter eventually? :proud: Oh, I bought Gramps too, but he wasn't as great for us...art imitating life? :D Bought several other players, and which I might mention at some point if it's relevant.

Eventually, the game started generating players as our boys had to retire. One name in particular, Iban Marquez, a Spanish FC/AM I bought from Mallorca began smashing all sorts of records. He was absolutely amazing and scored about 3 goals a match, if I remember correctly. Insane!

Haven't played much of the game/series since then, but I'll give it a shot again at some point.
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Well I finished my first season with INTER and won the leage by 1 point after final match day 3-0 victory over Catania (Zenga's men have a rather unusual day off! :D ) over Roma who also had a fantastic season. My final result is 38 games 30 win 6 draw 2 lost. in CL I lost to ManU in semi, won the first leg at San Siro 1-0 but lost 0-4 at old trafford.

Second season I did just little to tweak my squard, I didnt extend contract with Olandoni Figo Dacourt and Crespo, promote Azzurrini captain Bolzoni (who look like destined to be the next Pirlo) to the first team and spend 47m euros to land Kun Augero to give me a new tactical dimention that L'inter have been lacking for years, a true fantasista! Now I can play with Ibra and Adri up front with Kun behind them! :D

Kicked off the season by beating the pathetic milan who only finished 6th and only able to win Coppa last season by 2-0 to win the Super Coppa, after seeing off Napoli 1-0 in league opener i lost 2-3 in Roma at the capital and cause some critism by the fans. Looking forward to redeem ourselves vs Genoa next match. :)
Nice stuff. You're getting Montolivo too, right? :hopeful:
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