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Inter close to signing Zebina!

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It is reported that Inter are very close to signing Cagliari's central defender Zebina. I don't think that is a bad buy, he is very quick and plays a tactical game. What do you guys think? Also I heard that Inter may sell P Sousa to Panathakios in Greece. I hope we sell the bum, because all he is good for is disrupting the team with his I should start bulls##T!
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he is great i thought lazio were gonna buy him at the start of season but inter will win him
Is Zebina a central defender? I thought he was a offensive left defender.
Sousa should be sold as he is useless and Jugovic should join him as a bonus.
well would he get a starting role
Zebina sings to Roma :(
Cagliari defender, Jonathan Zebina, signed a
contract with Roma. He will play in co-property.
As change Roma will give to Cagliari 11 billion
lira and player Lucenti.
Why would we want Zebina on our team?

let me show you guys something.

Mezzano Ferrari COlonese Fresi and DOmoraud are all better defenders than Zebina.

They are all already at INTER.....ZEBINA is not needed...GET A CLUE MORATTI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was reported at inter.it that Mezzano will play in a Serie B club next season.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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