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Champions Leagie
1st QL

Heres Inters squad

Inter Baku for Champions League

Elkhan Gasanov Azerbaijan
Junior Wilson Brazil
Svilen Semenov Bulgaria

Samir Abbasov Azerbaijan
Danilio Assioli Brazil
Aliyar Ismailov Azerbaijan
Milan Zagorac Serbia
Vladimir Levin Ukraine
Khayal Mustafayev Azerbaijan
Marko Petric Serbia

Goran Arnaut Serbia
Valentin Belkevic Belarus
Nizami Gajiyev Azerbaijan
Makhmud Gurbanov Azerbaijan
Petr Zlatinov Bulgaria
Emin Imamaliyev Azerbaijan
Elvin Mammadov Azerbaijan
Branislav Chervenka Czhekh Rep
Oleg Shishkin Ukraine

Khagani Mammadov Azerbaijan
Valter Guglemon Uruguay
Javid Guseynov Azerbaijan
Roman Guello Uruguay
Asif Mammadov Azerbaijan

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Considering this Rabotnicki team is not the one from the past few years and not the team that won both the Macedonian Cup and League, I’m not very confident they will go through.

The sponsor about a month ago took over Vardar and took the players and management to Vardar, so Rabotnicki basically had to start from scratch and find a president, manager, sponsor, players and so on. So basically they had like a month to do all this, they posted a list a players for CL, there are only 8-9 players I have heard of, rest are unknowns to me.

If this was the same Rabotnicki team from 2 months ago I would be pretty confident that they would advance to round two because they had a pretty strong team, the best in recent years IMO.

Last year they eliminated, Hit Gorica and Zrinski and were eliminated by Bolton with 1-1 and 1-0 in UEFA cup. The year before that they made it to the 3rd round of the CL qual, this year they had a better team then the last two but it all changed in one month.

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Inter played once in europe in Intertoto they beat austian Bregez both matches and in second they lose to somebody but they won at home that was few years ago, but now they much stronger they have money now they sponsored by the biggest Bank in Caususes area

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Inter played too friendly games in Turkey and won both

Inter-Sepahan (Iran) 3-1 goals: Khagani Mamedov, Elvin Mamedov, Valter Guglemone

Inter-Kocaelispor(Turkey) 1-0 goals: Khagani Mamedov

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Rabotnicki squad:

Ljupco Kmetovski (gk)
Petar Korunovski (gk)
Adekunle Lukmon (Nigeria)
Aleksandar Krstevski
Dimitrija Lazarevski
Rock Itoua-Ndinga (Congo)
Bojan Mihajlović (Serbia)
Muarem Muarem
Krste Velkoski
Baze Ilijoski
Emir Sabani
Minas Osmani
Ardijan Nuhiji
Filip Misevski
Blagojce Ljamcevski
Mensur Idrizi
Vladimir Tunevski
Vladimir Sekulovski
Goran Bogdanovik
Dusko Trajcevski
Kiril Trajcevski
Toni Ilievski
Dusko Gjorgjevik

Coach: Boban Babunski.


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yes Ive already seen it, but I can use only the english version :)

Rabotnicki's site is on tho languages, macedonian and english but its never updated on time especially the en version, its like doesnt exist :D


more news u can find on www.macedonianfootball.com as well as on the forum where u can chat with Rabotnicki's supporters called Romanticari.

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i saw da game Rabotnicki they had like 2 shot on goal and every time rabotnickis player goes down , he will be chillin on da field like for 5 minutes ,
but i liked #15 african guy in defence he very good player
Inter is very unlucky they shoul of won like 3-0

If rabotnicki will play same way in skopie they wont win, there was only one team last night playing

Good luck

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that was expected. the had only a week of preparations and they played only 1 friendly against a 2nd league club and they won 3:0. now they have a week more go get themselfs along and maybe with a home support they will actually make something.

after the game the players said that were goin for a draw and got it.

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HP please don't forget us when you'll know about live TV streams for 2 leg in Scopje!
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