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Insult to Sheva!

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Real Madrid not interested in Shevchenko

Real Madrid sport director Jorge Valdano told Spanish daily Marca that Ukrainian striker from AC Milan, Andri Shevchenko is no more of an interest for Real.

Valdano stressed: "Our policy is such that we invite players who have won serious tropheys. For example, champions. With all my respect to Shevchenko, he has no big title."

This article comes from livescore.com

So it looks like Real Madrid are no longer interested in Shevchenko anymore. Great! Except Jorge Valdano's comments are insulting and disgraceful to Shevchenko and AC Milan. He claims that Shevchenko isn't wanted at Real because he hasn't won any 'serious trophies'. He is implying that Shevchenko isn't a champion. That he isn't good enough for their club. That is an insult to a legend like Shevchenko, who has almost single-handedly carried his own country, Ukraine, into the World Cup finals. He was a hero down at Dynamo Kiev where they won many national leagues and cups, and also saw them reach the Champions League semi-finals. Now at Milan, he has been one of the few shining lights for 3 years. Valdano's comments make me sick, and I'm sure they make King Sheva sick too.

What also pisses me off is that Valdano thinks Real Madrid 'invite' players to their club. Real Madrid are just like any other soccer club. Sure they have a great history, a large support base, some stars and a bit of money, but if he thinks that they would be able to invite whoever they want, then he is wrong. Just incase he doesn't realise, there are loyal soccer players going around. Players like Sheva. They don't just go to a club for money. There are loyal.

Valdano, you're a disgrace! :mad:
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As much as I understand, Valdano's point is: if a player hasn't got any big titles he will not be considered good. That's bullsh*t, isn't it? There are hundreds of players, who haven't won World Cup or Scudetto, but they are still one of the best. Shevchenko is one of them.
Well after this season sheva isnt as great in the eyes of many.
And this goes ditto for the whole team save a few people.

Besides Perez always gets what he wants, like Berlu used to so be HAPPY!

Its still a fact that Sheva has won nothing.

I'm not saying it is his fault or that he isn't absolutely great, but its a fact.
Well, nobody is saying that Valdano is lying. His comment if true is just extremely arrogant..
If Morientes joins AS Rom I see Shava on his way to Real!:mad:
Well,it's true that's not the best season for Sheva
Who cares whether Real want him or not
Milan will make a mistake if they sell him
In fact it may be better for him
Every great player wants to win and be a champion and what if Milan don't participate in the Champions league next year?
Valdano is correct, Shevchenko has won nothing, primarily because AC Milan has won nothing lately. Does that mean Shevchenko is not an excellent player? Of course not, but it does mean that he is not going to receive the recognition he would receive if he had already won something. But despite what Valdano said, I think Real Madrid would still love to have Shevchenko.
A player isn't good enough b/c he hasn't won a big title...that's pretty warped and eletist, and coming from RM who has been so freaking persistent in wanting to buy him for the last 2 seasons....that's pretty hypocritical too. But I've come to realize that is how soccer operates, how these teams are.
It is true that Shevchenko has won no serious trophies, but that still doesn't mean he isn't good. There are stacks of world-class players that haven't won any serious trophies. What pissed me off is that they don't regard Shevchenko as good enough for their club.
Well, I'm not saying that Shevchenko is not a good player, no, he is definetely one of the best, but I guess, all of you have to agree, that big titles do matter. Look at Dunga, or Aldair. Most of their fame has come from their WC title, that they won back in 1994.
That's not only Real Madrid, who is thinking like that, but let's face it, it's reality, you can't do anything about it.
sheva didn´t play good in most of the really important games.

He sucked as Ukraine faced Germany in the World Cup Qualifiers.
Therefore especially here in Germany he is no more regarded as this grea superstar as he was regarded before, the most Germans saw him and thought oh is this the player we had to be afraid of ???

I think he has to improve in the important games, to be a real superstar.
If Real Madrid did not think that Shevchenko is a great player, it would not have been interested in him for the last two seasons. But, although hype is a part of football, and therefore Shevchenko does not receive as much recognition as he would receive if he had won something already, I think this is more of a case of Valdano claiming a lack of interest in something he was interested in but that he cannot have. AC Milan does not want to sell Shevchenko and Shevchenko does not want to leave AC Milan. Valdano does not want to admit that Real Madrid cannot have a player it is interested in, and so he is basically saying, "Well, we do not want him, anyway."

It is nothing uncommon. Juan Roman Riquelme, for example, was expected to be delighted and to get on the next plane to Europe as soon as he heard that such clubs as AC Milan and Barçelona are interested in him. Riquelme, however, wanted to remain in Argentina. Rather than admitting that AC Milan cannot have a player it is interested in, Riquelme, Galliani said that Riquelme is too slow and not suited for Serie A. In other words, "Well, we do not want him, anyway."
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You are absolutely right,Tim:)
We'll see what will happen when the season is over:rolleyes:
I have a hinch-some interesting news are expecting us:rolleyes:
Valdano is not good with the media, they should keep him from giving interviews. I've said it before and I'll say it again! :(
Well I´´m sure we don´t want Raul because Spain sucked last world cup...o
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