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Info on Tomas Guzman and Francesco Scardina

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Hey Zebras. :)

My Greek club PAOK and Juve seem to have established a cooperation. In the spirit of this, Juventus is very interested in PAOK's Nigerian left back Ifeanyi Udeze. PAOK on the other hand will probably receive Paraguayan striker Tomas Guzman and Italian defender Francesco Scardina who currently play on primavera of Juve. Guzman will arrive in a one season loan with PAOK having the option to renew the loan for one more season, while Scardina will be co-owned by both teams (this means PAOK will buy half a share of each player). Juventus also proposed Marcelo Zalayeta to PAOK but (fortunately) we are not interested in him since we do not need a striker like him.

What I want to know is some info on Guzman and Scardina. I know more or less about Guzman but I mean some REAL info. :) As for Scardina, all I know is a couple of things Glen told me, like that he is a tall, strong right back.

Generally, I'm very cautious on either of them getting to play much at PAOK, due to their inexperience. Unless Guzman is really the super-hyper-duper talent he is said to be, he won't have an easy task ahead of him. Our forwards are very good at the moment, so I'm not so sure if someone so unexperienced would get into the team. As for Scardina, our right back is rather old so he might overtake him- though I doubt that too. Generally, I'm not too fond of all this since we are not really getting someone of real value who can make an immediate impact (unless Guzman is the bomb).

Thanks a lot. I hate it that PAOK has choosen Juve to cooperate from all teams, but at least we might get something decent out of it (hopefully not Zalayeta). :)
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Tomas Guzman

Position : Forward

Date of birth : 7 March, 1982

Team : Juventus (Italy)

Nationality : Paraguay

Notes : Bought by Juventus in January 2000 from President Hayes in Paraguay. Was noticed at World U/17 Championships in 1999 by Juventus, after also scoring five goals in four matches in the qualifiers for the tournament. Helped Paraguay to fourth place at the World Youth Cup in 2001.

LAST UPDATED: 1 June, 2001

Francesco Scardina
Squadra: Juventus
Ruolo: difensore
Numero di maglia: 39
Nato a: Rivalta, 11/12/1981
Altezza: 182 cm
Peso: 74 Kg
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How is Udeze?

Does he move further forward on attacks than Pessotto?

Fast? Good defender?
AMOROSO, could u give us some info about that Nigerian player?
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