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Individual battles

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In many big games, there are contests or battles between individual key players in each team. In many cases, the contests have a direct effect in the outcome of the game. For instance, in a Arsenal ManU game, there's always a parallel contest between Viera and Keane.

So, which battles do you think will emerge in each game? Which ones do you relish to watch, and who do you think will win in each?
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let me start with the Saudi germany game:

:star: Noor Vs Ballack :star:

ho ho ho. This is going to be a great battle. The Viera of Saudi Vs Germany's finest midfielder. There going to be a few tackles and tussles in this one. But it's not just about tackles, it's who controls the midfield, as both players could do a lot of damage attacking wise if they've got the beating of the other.

Tokar Vs Bierhoff/Jancker

This is a straight forward aerial battle. Tokar is the tallest and physically the most powerful defender in Saudi, but does he have the beating of aerial experts such as Bierhoff and Jancker?

alYami/Sheehan Vs Linke/Baumann

I was originally going to write Nowotny/Woerns but they've both gotten injured. This is a battle between the pace and trickery of the forwards Vs the no nonsense resolute defending of the German duo. This battle depends on some good balls behind the defense by the Sadui midfield in order for it to materialise.
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anybody here?

Doukhi will most probably start. So I think both teams will have space on that side. As both full/wingback push forward.

Ridha Tokar is not that young, he's 26. But you're right in that he doesn't have much international experience.
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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