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Individual battles

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In many big games, there are contests or battles between individual key players in each team. In many cases, the contests have a direct effect in the outcome of the game. For instance, in a Arsenal ManU game, there's always a parallel contest between Viera and Keane.

So, which battles do you think will emerge in each game? Which ones do you relish to watch, and who do you think will win in each?
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Ballack Vs Al Daeya

This will be a shooting practise for ballck unless Noor and Al wakad close him down quickly.

Al Sheylia Vs Ziege
Ziege is a full back but pushes forward a lot. Al Shelia will try to stop his penetration and crosses for Janker and Beirhoff.

Suilam Vs Neuvule
Quick and tricky Neuvule will try to twist and turn Suilam. But abdullah suilam is renown for his pace and timely sliding tackle.

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By the way how is Ridha Tokar? -too good for a youngerster
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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