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In`s n out`s

( From Sportal )

***** Sealed
*** Hot Rumour!!
** Rumour
* ???

***** David Trezeguet, attacker(Monaco)
***** Massimiliano Vieri, attacker (Brescello)
*** Sandro Cois, midfielder (Fiorentina)
** Martin Jörgensen, midfielder (Udinese)
** Patrick Kluivert, attacker (Barcelona)
* Flavio Conceicao, midfielder (Dep. La Coruna)
* Stefano Fiore, midfielder (Udinese)
* Patrick Viera, midfielder (Arsenal)

***** Sunday Oliseh, midfielder (Borussia Dortmund)
***** Nicola Amoruso, attacker (Napoli)
***** Fabio Pecchia, midfielder (Napoli)
***** Zoran Mirkovic, defender (Fenerbache)
**** Juan Esnaider, attacker (Celta Vigo)
**** Daniel Fonseca, attacker (Sporting Lissabon, Napoli)
*** Jonathan Bacchini, midfielder (Fiorentina)
** Darko Kovacevic, attacker (Fiorentina)
** Filippo Inzaghi, attacker (Milan, Roma, Real Madrid)
* Zidine Zidane, midfielder (Real Madrid)
* Antonio Conte. midfielder (Chelsea)

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You know, I just don't like all this repeated talk of Zidane going to Real Madrid. I just CANNOT STAND that team!!! I don't care if they do have the most CL titles, they are just NOTHING to me! I think the worst of them all is that CHUMP Roberto Carlos. I used to think that he was a good footballer, then he had to talk trash about Ronaldo(who is supposedly his good friend) after his disappointing WC98 performance; which, by the way, I didn't think was really all that disappointing, except for the final. But, I honestly don't like most of the guys in the squad. The only ones I like are Raul, Macca, sometimes Morientes, sometimes Anelka, and very seldom sometimes Redondo. I don't care that Zidane will leave at some point(obviously, I'd like for him to stay FOREVER :)), but I'd rather see him go to Man. U. then to Real MIERDA. Sorry about all the negativity, but I just have had enough of the "Zidane to Real" crap!!!
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