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How come the SJW thread was closed? :(

Is Mori really a rapist as suggested by JCam?

It surely can't have been a joke since rape jokes are bad.

JCam said:
fck this thread. What a bunch of dimwit political correct asses too worried with other idiots and nothing with the actual ideas behind all those sittuations.

Yeni, you cannot hide behind the joke shield or this "sjw". It is not how this works. And even it is funny and followed by claps and laughs, you just cannot justify such posting.

Even if those days, no woman but Ana read this forum... wait, there must be a good reason why half of the audience of internet is absent here. That forum that people was outraged when we tried to stop rape jokes to happen every day.

And Mo, the thing is that the woman has to like you. That is the catch.
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