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Yes, and I'm fantastic.

Anyone seen this show? It's the guys who done the Mourinho songs on the radio doing a show with a Mourinho puppet now :howler:

It's fantastic, incredible, remarkable.

Fenerbahçe gets a mention in one episode in an interview with a man addicted to Ameobi :howler:

Episode 1: José Is Back!
The Special One is back on our TV screens- on Setanta Sports- as you've never seen him before!

Episode 2:José Starts His New Job
Jose is back on Setanta and he has got his very own chat show. Watch The Special One give his views on THAT job and all the hot topics in football.

Episode 3: José On Capello
Don't miss out hearing The Special One's views on Fabio Capello as well as the latest news from the world of football.

Episode 4: José’s Christmas Speech
Fed up with Christmas already? Then check out José's alternative Christmas message- only on Setanta!

Episode 5: Happy New Year
The Special One is back talking about things we love and hate about Christmas; watch out for some special guest appearances from former Premier League foes.

Episode 6: José - I'm Fantastic!
The Special One is back with his chat show on Setanta Sports. José chats to Nelson Mandela, gives his thoughts on Newcastle sacking Big Sam and also hosts his very own January sale!

Episode 7: José On Keegan's Return
Tune in for The Special One's views on the return of Kevin Keegan to Newcastle only on his chat show on Setanta Sports.

Episode 8: José On New Signing
José is back on his chat show on Setanta Sports. Listen to his thoughts on an exciting new signing he's about to make and watch out for some guest appearances for some familiar names!

Episode 9: José Pulls Off Signing Coup
Don't miss a special edition of I'm on Setanta Sports with The Special One unveiling a shock signing for his chat show. Be Champions!

Episode 10: Sven And The Special One's TV Debut
Don't miss this unique duo's TV chat show debut as they talk through the hot topics of sport from the week and are seen as you have never seen them before.

Episode 11: Exclusive Interview With Rafa
Dont miss a World Exclusive from José and Sven that Rafa Benitez will quit Liverpool by Easter!

Episode 12: Sven And Becks Reunited
A voice from the past chats to José and Sven

Episode 13: Sven Visits Afghanistan
José winds up Wenger and Sven makes a trip to war torn Afghanistan

Episode 14: José Give Sven A Special Costume
José and The Special One launch a new game only on IOSS

Episode 15: The Special One's New Signing... Revealed!
José has done it again, find out who his new signing is!

Episode 16: Wayne Rooney Is Gifted
See Rooney and José plus 'It' in some unlikely situations!

Episode 17: Arsene And José Clash
Wayne launches a new feature on the show and Arsene and José clash!

Episode 18: José Gives His Take On Avram Grant
Sven and José catch up with Wayne fresh from a disappointing result at Blackburn, plus don't miss José's thoughts on Avram Grant!

Episode 19: José’s Got Talent
José takes part in his very own talent show plus don't miss his take on 'that' own goal by Riise!

Episode 20: José On Sven’s Future
José gives his take on Sven and all the press speculation and speaks to Fergie and Becks on what they think about 'It's' treatment.

Episode 21: José Sings Adieu To Sven
Is Sven being rotated? Will the boys be back? Don't miss the final episode of I'm on Setanta Sports this season!

*the drum drum*
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The first season is finished, and I think they'll have a second series but probably after a short break. I haven't seen anything mentioned on Setanta, they just keep replaying the last episode.

That is of course, if they aren't rotated :howler:
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