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I'm looking for information about Latvian club CŠK Brocēni/Starts Brocēni/FK Saldus

Hi everyone,
I'm looking for some information about Latvian club FK Saldus/Brocēni. Club has great history. Played in town Broceni with less than 2000 inhabitants (in that time) and won 1 Latvian championship and 2 Latvian Cups.

in 2011 football club suppose to celebrate it's 50 year birthday, but ... looks like only one person noticed that - me :eek::strong:

I don't think I'm capable to restore club, but at least I could try to collect all history bits - info, photos, people info, etc.

I found some information already, but maybe someone found something more and could share :)

P.s. There are only 3 cities in Latvia which teams have won in all three major sports - ice hockey, football and basketball - Riga (~700000 inhabitants), Liepaja (~82000) and Broceni (~3400)
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