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Wow!! :) First of all this is very nice to see some new changes around here! However, i have lost my identity AGAIN :( so i have to start as a rookie ONCE MORE.. i don't know why my username is always get pick to be deleted :confused: Hope this is the last time, i don't want to start all over again ;)

Anyway, glad to be back! And i have to say that my exams has been and will be keeping me out of this forum, but after 10 more days i will be back as a holiday bird :) :)
(I am extremely busy at this time bcos i have to watch Euro 2000 while Studying for the exam:D)

And there are lots of surprises from our Inter, Farinos and Sukur :confused: Sukur in particular is he gonna be usefull at Inter?? hmm..
and I saw Mutu in Euro against mighty Germany that day he showed some classy run :) that is a good sign for our young Inter striker!
Jugovic was the one impressed me the most! although his team had to struggle with 3goals down. He is GOOD!! REALLY GOOD!!! Unbelieveablely Good! I am started to like this guy, i hope he could produce the same class in Inter like he did with his country .
Seedorf was a Major Disppointment, he didn't do well at all from my point of view, considering he was playing at home.
I don't have to say more about Blanc, he is not getting any older, he even scored for France! but we all knew that right ;)
I still didn't see Biagio in action yet, hope to see him playing for Italy soon as he is the only Inter player in Italy squad .. speaking of Italy, they are vitually through to the Quarter Final!! hahahahaha... Italy shows a lot of class so far, and Fiore could be a good signing for Inter bcos he was 'my' M.O.M for Italy in these two matches.

Anyway, i can't spend too much time here now, i was so curious about the new structure of extratime and can't wait to see it! Good Work!
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