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Il Derby della Madonnina [27th Of February 2005]

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This thread is enough. This thread is my life for the next 12 days. Let's roll.
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Great initiative Puls!

I cant imagine what this forum will be without you :thmbup:
Lets rid the Milan community of the filthy Rossomerda!
Thanks for the pics San Siro. :)

They actually make me stronger.

However, I'm willing to bet that if we were to beat you, you'd chicken out and never show your face on XT for a while :)

I wouldnt be too surprised if that was San Siro's toilet
Wow! So Frenchies do understand other languages. :dazed:
I feel really bad for what happened to Sheva. He doesn't deserve it, nor do the Milanisti (except for San Siro, he deserves every piece of it).

I hope he recovers soon and that the injury is less serious than it looks in that pic. Get well soon Sheva!
We all know that this is the Derby della Madonnina. Its just that this title, being in English, adds a lot more sense than the previous name since most of us here cant understand a sentence in Italian. I think the title Pulsar came up with is pretty creative and inspirational. The title of the thread should not be as big a problem as some make it sound.
In Arabic, we explain Interista's attitude as a: "Doodeh Ef 6eezeh" :D

Someone who bothers and annoys about every tiny insignificant detail.
Any Milanisti in?

Beause I'm officially out. Yup.. Got no balls.
barracuda said:
There is actually a "6" in there? I am not trying to be funny, I just don't speak arabic.
Yea its a sound the English alphabet lacks. Its closest to T, but comes from deeper inside. :D

We also have 2, 3, 5, 7, 8 and 9 too :D
Pulsar36 said:
I have a challenge for all you Interista friends. Change your avatar to mine, and put all anti-milan language in your profile till Sunday. Togehter we support Inter, and lets show our solidarity.


What do you think ? :)
stefan9 said:
Benching Adriano would be extremely stupid. You don't bench your star players for big games. Adriano must start. Yeah Vieri scored the winner the last time we beat but but other than that occasions the last while he has really struggled vs nesta and maldini.

I would go for adriano-oba for this game and bobo the super sub.
Agreed :thmbup:

Adriano has to start. This is the moment of truth for him. I'm sure he'll do fine.
Good.. No Davids! :happy:
Hey Pulsar you better edit your last post before you get banned/barred by the almighty XT management for attempt to murder. Good thing is there dont seem to be snitches around the forum anymore unlike last time. :D
It all comes down to this. What have we ever done to deserve this? Why MILAN?

Yes.. You guys blame Emre all you want. I'm not going to reply because I'm bigger than that. Btw, He wasn't the only defender putting Kaka onside.

There was abolsutely no one to blame. The players gave their all and dominated the match. Milan had ONLY 2 shots and they scored one. We had 6 but nothing. If anything went wrong, its the late sub of Adriano. Vieri and Oba clearly had nothing goin their way and it was clear that Adriano, given at least 30 mins, would solve some of our lackluster attack.

In the end, it all comes down to this. Its been staged this way. We will always walk in the shadow of Milan no matter what happens. I never really believed in curses a lot before this season. Now I have no doubt about it. For Milan to win the match with such a goal simply leaves me in awe. It makes me think I know NOTHING about football. I dont know whats happaning, or not happening, for this Inter team.

Anyways, at least we went down fighting. I will never feel ashamed about our season. This has been a very emotional season with a lot of ups and downs, but this match was like the last ray of hope we had, to at least beat Milan after so long. I would have been content if we could beat Milan today and finished the league in the 4th position. But now its all over. There's nothing more to motivate the players or me for that matter. I just hope we can bag the Coppa for bullshit's sake, although I doubt it with our ever-inconsistent and misleading results.


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barracuda said:
An even, boring, rough and ill played game, with far too many poor passes on both sides. Definately a "more will than skill" game. Neither side deserved to win, but I am not unhappy about the results ;)

I do wish to complain about the disgraceful actions of some Inter fans when Seedorf was subbed. Racism is sooo passe. When are these people going to catch up with the civilized world? :(
Yes. You in the comfort and warmth of your house felt offended by the racist boos. Mesmerizing.
barracuda said:
What is that supposed to mean? You actually condone that behaviour?
Btw, I am not offended, I am sad. I thought that that sort of behaviour was limited to the capital...
Did I say I condone it? :wallbang: I'm obviously against it.

You felt sad?

All I'm tryin to say is concentrate on the football and leave politics/race to other places. The less we discuss it the better.
KHALID said:
and sending emre for veron (inter's best player in the 1st half) when u r dominating r 3 dumb things mancini did today..
Guys.. Plz open your eyes when you watch matches! VERON ASKED TO BE SUBBED! He was hurt. :rolleyes:
Politician said:
Inter I don't think deserved anything for their tactics today. When Vieri is asked make throughballs to Martins from longballs the whole match, when Recoba, Adriano, Emre are all sitting on the bench, there's really very little to be said.

Very sad attitude to take into a Milan derby and got what it deserved.
What language is this? :wth:
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