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Hello Lazio mates, what about getting into Sven Goran Eriksson's thoughts? It's the dream of our lifetimes to play or coach our beloved team, even though someone could say that his/her dream is to be the Lazio president, for the money at least! Anyway, these days, Svengo has returned from his holiday and has called up his bold lads back to Formello, with three question marks in his mind:

1) Who will play along Nesta as central defender?
2) Who will play as right winger?
3) How to cope with the Argentinians' travels next season?

The answer to the first question mark is all the rage these days and I think Fernando Couto's good performance at Euro 2000 has put some doubts into Eriksson's brain. I mean, before Euro 2000, there was no doubt about who would have been the starting central defender according to Eriksson, Sinisha Mihajlovic that is. But after Nando did well at the European championship, Eriksson has now to choose between two players who are almost 50-50 in his mind. And don't forget that Svengo could even take a surprise out of his hat and field Emanuele Pesaresi as right back and shift Paolo ***** to the central defense, or even Ciccio Colonnese alongside with Nesta in the centre and ***** on the right.

The second question mark is quite linked to Figo. If the Portuguese comes, then the midfield line would be: Figo-Simeone (Baronio)-Veròn-Nedved, with Baudevin Zenden as back up for Pavel Nedved. Or in case of 4-5-1: Figo-Simeone (Baronio)-Veròn-Nedved-Zenden, but Lòpez could do what sometimes Alen Boksic did last season, playing like an attacking left winger, what with Hernan Crespo alone up front. If Figo doesn't come, then the right winger will be either Dejan Stankovic or Zenden. The problem is t see if Zenden will play well on the right wing. Honestly, I have some doubts he can do well away from his usual place on the left wing, but some Dutch Lazio fans could tell us more about Zenden on the right wing.

The third question mark is perhaps the most important. The arrival of other two Argentinians mean that Lazio will be quite into troubles when the Argentinian lot will do their almost monthly travel to South America for the World Cup qualifications. When they fly away, it means that three (four?) important starters are out on international duty and the replacements must be on stand-by in case the Argentinians come back pretty tired or injured (never be it!). Those replacements are likely to be like this: Stankovic-Baronio-Nedved-Zenden in the midfield, and Ravanelli-Inzaghi up front. Nedved has showed at Euro 2000 that he can play very well as central midfielder, and that could turn to be a welcome option, as last season, a worthy replacement of Veròn was a big problem.


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First, its Boudewijn, yeah, I know..difficult name for you non-Dutch. :)
And I think he sux at the right, MUCH better on the left.

About the Argentinians, yes, big problem as I have mentioned alot, but just as you say, we have got enough quality as back-up, especially Nedved in the center.

The defender issue..yes..thats a tough decision for him, I would say Couto next to Nesta....sorry Miha!
And yes, he can switch alot in here, just hope it isnt needed to swith the defense.

The first problem will be solved easily. The one who shows better qualities during the preseason and trainings will play

For the second one, I don´t think we will see Figo in Lazio. Nedved will move to the right, leving the left flank for Zenden.

The third one is the hardest. During the argentine games our back-up players needs to show their skills. Just like they did last year
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