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If Ronaldo gets injured Who scores??

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Um lets be serious sure Ronaldo is doing great right now. But he will likely get a minor injury that will ruin his world cup again. I wish he would be 100% healthy til June 30th but its unlikely.

If he gets injured who the hell is going to score for us???

Ronaldinhio and Rivaldo are both great--- great attacking midfielders that is, neither is really a pure striker.

Denilson who i think is the most exciting player in the world is really a pure left winger.

Romario who should be on the team for when Ronaldo gets hurt is obviously off the team.

Elber/Jardel are off the team.

Franca sucks on national team.

So Im actually concerned are we pinning our hopes on midfielders carrying the scoring bulk in tough situations??

How will we face up against pure strikers like Raul Vieri Henry Owen Batistuta Crespo??
All these teams are loaded with pure goal machines.

Inter is pinning all its hopes on a healthy Ronaldo which is not likely.
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you forgot one name: Luizao. Who has scored for Brazil even when Ronaldo has beenon the pitch! And sealed our place to the world cup, after staying 6 months without playing and playing injured!

Center forwards are not a problem, just watch brazilian players around the world and you'll figure that out!
Jason, Ronaldo is not really the biggest question mark for me.. Felipao is the question mark IMO because we've got Amoroso, Juninho Pernambucano who are all national team matterial who will most likelly also watching the world cup on televesion so that's my only doubt. Franca-Amoroso would be a scary duo if Scolari would pick it when Ronaldo is injured.

Oh and the most depressing one, king Romario! :depress:
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